Michael Hayes

April 01, 2016

We are honored to connect more deeply with Michael Hayes as he shares his path of awakening, his teachers, super natural gift, who inspires him and more!  Be ready to let go and remember.

Michael Hayes is a Spiritual Counselor and seminar leader who works with groups and individuals to transform their lives and awaken them to their spiritual nature.



What does living wholly mean to you?

Living a life following a higher guidance. I think that the test of this life and the opportunity of the mastery of life is found in our ability to bring loving into the different experiences and expressions.

Do you have any teachers you work with to inspire and support your evolution in consciousness?

I look at a lot of people as teachers. That could be anybody and everybody. My primary teacher is John Roger and he passed over. I still believe I am supported by him and guided by him from the non-physical reality.  I can communicate with him in general knowing. Not in the physical.

I am supported by others that have lived in this world….Jesus Christ and Buddha.

Somewhere in my house is a picture a Jesus and a statue of Buddha. I relate to them as the consciousness that they are. They are real and they are here, just not physically here.

Jesus is a primary teacher for me which is a relationship that is active everyday.

Buddha is a secondary teacher which is a lot of understanding with life and humanity. I don’t reference it as often. I don’t feel as called into that communion as often. It is still very real and available.

What are your spiritual practices?

When I forget that I remember.  I have many significant life experiences that remind me.

Meditation supports me.  The one I practice is from John Roger which is a mantra tool that connects me back to what I’ve come awake to. When I was younger, I would spend many hours returning to my Self. Now it is rapid. Sometimes in moments depending on how much I’ve allowed the distracting nature to unsettle my consciousness. But it’s always worked and gets me back to where I am aware of what is. Sometimes I can get there faster by just reminding myself what I heard when I first communed with Jesus. That is ‘God is Love’ and when I say that and I hear that, I experience the connection and the knowing of what is really going on.

I will be awake to it and will come into remembrance. You will know this is who you’ve always been. You’ve never been outside of the love, the peace and the joy.

What keeps you grounded?

I got very sick and I had known since I was young that my karma would be finished at 39. There would be a time when I would physically die. I left my body and looking down with a fever of 106 realizing I was going to have a heart attack and die. I experienced a Spirit place with Jesus Christ and there was a discussion and I was asked to stay. I agreed I would stay. I made two commitments –

  • I would get married and have a family.
  • I would take care of my spiritual teacher – John Roger

Shortly after that, I got married and had 2 kids. Much of the next 16 years was involved in supporting and taking care of my teacher, John Roger.

The karma that I chose into keeps me attracted to the Earth and attached enough to participate. Since I am here, I’ve been asked to do more things. Of course, I say yes.

Do you ever get tired of being here?

For me now, “here” includes the Spirit. There is no difference between here and the Spiritual world. Sometimes I get tired of dealing with those things on Earth. I move into the Spiritual world. I indulge myself in the peace of the Spiritual world which renews me to come into this world we call Earth.

Do you go to church?

Sometimes I go to places where people worship. I do see the value of going to places that have a sacredness to them. When we go and commune together, it can enhance the experience. As quoted by God, “Two or more are gathered in my name, there I am also.”

Mostly, I go to the teaching. The Kingdom of heaven is within. Church is within.

I had agnostic parents who didn't believe in God. Four years before I came awake to Jesus and got involved with the particular outer path to work with, I went around to Zen masters, Indian gurus, Christian mystics and tried many different things. I explored many different things that can work for many different people. The greatest movement of awakening was through Jesus Christ and through John Roger as a physical person who was acting as a bridge for greater awakening into the awareness of my Self and God.

What is your super-natural gift?

He laughs and laughs.

I was given a blessing at one point of my life….spontaneity and brilliance of my inner knowing. My ability to consciously know the information that people don’t let themselves consciously know is highly unusual. I was told that there would be a consciousness of healing that would be with me. This would bring healing to people through me. I was told even when I just thought of a person it would happen. After many years of witnessing this happening over and over again, I accepted it was probably true. However, because I don’t do it, part of me always doubts it. Witnessing it so many times, I accepted it. Healing seems to be about the conduit for the Spirit to interface with people and people to interface with Spirit.

Who inspires you?

A lot of people inspire me. People going to work everyday doing something they don’t want to do. They go to serve a person while doing what they need to do to take care of their children and family. I am inspired by people that give and all the different ways that people do that. I am inspired by people that do ordinary things and remind me of the timelessness. I am inspired by acts of love and kindness and acts of enduring.

What is your present state of mind?

Quiet and still. My mind goes still and I share what I hear.

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