Alisha Das Hayes

April 05, 2016

It was an honor to connect more deeply with Alisha Das Hayes.  She shares more about awakening, her self - care practice, the Divine pause and becoming more present.

Alisha Das Hayes, DSS, has been working in the spiritual awareness industry for three decades. She has a thriving private practice as well as a busy facilitating/speaking schedule. She connects with deep empathy to individuals, couples, and groups from a wide range of faiths, professions and personalities.

Alisha also founded and facilitates Soul Dance, which has offered spiritual dance events to 1000s of folks in Los Angeles and Santa Monica monthly and on the east coast and South America for 15 years with 100% of the proceeds going to charity.

Alisha lives in Los Angeles with her husband and sons and works throughout the world.

  • What does living wholly mean to you?

It’s really about living with a constant awareness of the Spirit living me. I come from a very high achieving family from both sides and was measured upon what I produced. Since I was tiny, I had this overarching knowing of who I am and why am I here. There has to be more than this. At 18, I started joining different spiritual groups. It is neat. Eyes cast upward and still engaging on this level. Living Wholly is not having the separation between church and state. Heaven is infused in my earthly trafficking. My earthly actions into the spirit. Integrated living. Lord, what would you have me do? Constant practice breath by breath.

  • What is your self-care practice?

Self care has been an area of challenge for me. It is so natural for me to serve others and leave me out of the equation. It is important because our basic self will rebel if we don't do self care.

  1. Meditation – spiritual exercises.
  2. Sleep – getting enough sleep
  3. Physical movement is so important for me. Soul dance would be great if I could do it everyday.  It is twice a month so I do other things in between. It shifts energy, psychic things off of me. Years ago, I realized I needed to cultivate more femininity. I started doing Pilates and dance and I feel better. It is more in alignment.
  4. Eating well and eating intuitively. I am the world’s worst dieter. If I leave myself alone and eat intuitively, I stay at an even keel.
  5. Creativity is such an important element to self care. Writing. I love to write poetry. Studies have shown that creativity is vital for relationships + productivity. If you do something creative for 20 minutes a week, you are more effective.
  • Who are the teachers you work with to inspire and support your evolution in consciousness?

I have been so grateful and blessed to have amazing mentors. If you don’t heed that higher voice, it shuts up. My first teachers were Archangels from a tiny child. I grew up with severe abuse. I always had a hand on my shoulder. I was communicating with Higher Beings. I didn’t realize who that was until I met John Roger. Jesus is a teacher for me.

John Roger was my primary teacher. I got to observe the work directly. Once I met him, he was the primary person I studied with. He was my main personal teacher. I’ve had a lot of direct mentoring from Ron and Mary Hulnick. David Allen was a mentor of mine. Because I am all about living holistically, I am all about being here on this level. I had teachers as I got my Doctarate. I want to see measurable and empirical change. Steve Chandler and Steven McGhee were incredible coaches for me. I've had teachers in the tens of thousands of people through doing the work.

I have also jumped off and surrendered in the position of service and learned the most by those people. A lot of those people have been teachers for me. Observing them and their changes AND observing Spirit is teaching me while I am assisting them.

Life is really the greatest teacher. Not always the kindest but the greatest.

Relationships are definitely graduate school. With two children, can be humbling.

  • What has been the most challenging experience in your life that turned out to be the most meaningful opportunity to your life's path?

Most of the Spiritual counselors are men. When I started doing the work and sat on the stage with my husband Michael, we received a lot of persecution. When you offer yourself in the light, you are going to get challenged. You look at a lot of those people that have done positive things in history and there is major persecution along the way. I've received it from close in, really close in. That has been a tremendous challenge. I am reminded that ‘God will never give you anything you cannot handle. I just wish he didn’t have so much faith in me”. The spiritual opportunity has been ‘who am I serving? Am I serving the addiction to belonging? The Lord that calls me forward to love unconditionally and beyond circumstance? It took me to my knees many a days. If they aren’t murdering me, hitting me or hurting my kids----what are they going to do? It has made me so much stronger. The giant opportunity is that I see this person coming at me with all of this negativity and I am going to return love. I went up and kept getting on the stage with Michael. With everyone, I had to prove myself. I did prove myself and people found value in my work. We would start a new class series and people would question why I was there. I surrendered the fear and righteousness. I would follow the loving. Thank God, something came through me and people softened and were open. It brought value. Some of my biggest neigh Sayers are now my biggest fans and clients.

When you say no, something shuts down. When I do the work, I am doing it to give but I am doing it selfishly. There is nothing like having Spirit working through you. Showing up in the Surrender is a big part of it. I never know what is going to happen.

The has been a huge advantage, it has really shredded my ego many of time. Apparently I needed some humbling. So be it.

  • What gifts do you want to contribute to the world?

To show up and to do whatever I can to the extent I can get out of the way to be a vessel to the deep Divine love within each of us. It is my intention and my presence, to awaken people to their own beauty, love and divine heritage. To assist them to remember to awaken.  It is not an imparting of anything. I am just reminding them. You are the one you’ve been looking for. I really want to cooperate how Spirit would like to use me. Whether it is through events, facilitating, books and simple ways. Just assisting people to get in touch with that higher voice and that presence within.

I am currently a Spiritual Counselor and Coaching with private clients, teaching classes and writing 2 books.

  • What is your super-natural gift?

Laughs and laughs. I hear the language of the angels, the Archangels. I see them and I am aware of them.

  • Who inspires you?

Jenny, you inspire me. You are taking light action into this area of glamour and superficiality and lifting it up. I am inspired by my clients, friends and the knowing that there is so much goodness in the world. 

Are you inspired by the person in front of you? Do you take that moment in line to be interested in the cashier? Seeing through soul – centered eyes and seeing the loving essence. That is usually the person that has the magic. There is a reason God individuated.

  • What is your present state of mind?

At the moment, it is beautiful.

In the present moment, the mind is always still. My mind is quiet, grateful and still.

In the moment, all is well.

It comes through me to whatever extent I am open. In this moment, I am fantastic. Just because my mind says it doesn’t mean it’s true. Inquiry. Take the Divine pause. That isn’t my nature. Usually I zip zip zip. I am cultivating and learning to take the pause. It is a practice. The Divine Pause can support a shift and support. 

When see a crisis happen…how do we navigate from a Spiritual perspective? What is God’s will in this? How do I get a higher perspective?

Step 1 – become present. In that present, more is revealed. Mind has to go quiet so a higher mind can enter in.

  • What is your favorite quote?

"Either a lofty degree of intelligence nor imagination nor both together go to the making of genius. Love, love, love, that is the soul of genius." Mozart

"Use everything to your spiritual advancement, upliftment and growth."

Mantra from John Roger


Interviewed by Jenny Emblom Castro 

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