Interview With Ryland Engelhart Co-owner of Cafe Gratitude

February 16, 2016

Living Wholly is excited to share with you an exclusive interview with Ryland Engelhart. Find out what Living Wholly means to him and his view on love, life and the power of soil.  

Ryland Engelhart is a Co-Owner and the CIO, Chief Inspiration Officer, of Cafe Gratitude. He is dedicated to the culture of love, community and sustainability in the work place. He also founded a non-profit called Kiss The Ground that’s mission is to inspire, educate and rebuild our soils to restore human and planetary health. His was a co-creator of an award winning transformational Documentary Film, called “May I Be Frank”. He is an educator, motivational speaker and coach. He leads workshops on sacred commerce, relationships and communication. Ryland resides in Venice, CA with his beloved wife where he loves devotional music, cooking from his garden, surfing and compost.

What does living wholly mean to you?

Living Wholly, means living a life guided by the heart. To be guided by virtue and mindfulness, with the awareness of the impact we have on each other and the world. To live Wholly is to express conduct and behavior that is beneficial to the whole.

What are your top 3 tips for holistic living?

1. To recognize and to live in accordance with love and to realize that fulfillment comes from within.

2. To know that life is a continuous practice. It’s not going to be perfect overnight but it does require participation and a diligent practice towards making thing’s better everyday.

3. Meditation. The practice of connecting with the indwelling presence that is love. Peace is found within. Love is found within. Fulfillment is found within.

What is your favorite detox?

My wife and I are doing a cleanse for the New Years of no flour and no refined sugar. My favorite detox would be an overall life of balance and health. Not doing a retox so that I don't need to do a detox. Living a balanced life of continuously healthy choices so that I do not need or feel the urge to detox.

What is your self-care practice?

Meditation. Self-observation. Becoming more awake in my dream life. Doing some sort of yoga or exercise practice. Drinking Shilajit, in Sanskrit Shilajit means "conquerer of weakness.  It is thought to be comprised of broken-down carbons from ancient rain forests, sandwiched between rock strata as the Himalayan mountains were formed 50-100 million years ago.

Do you have any teachers you work with to inspire and support your evolution in consciousness? If so, who and how did you meet them?

My dad has been one of my greatest teachers, I also receive great inspiration from Juan Ruiz Naupari who is the founder of Inkarri Cultural Association. Juan and his spiritual organization put on an event called "The Day Of Inner Peace" on October 27th of each year. I met him through his wife, who invited me into a meditation practice which has changed my life.

What gifts do you want to contribute to the world?

My mom sings a song called “Love is the answer no matter what the questions is” The gift that I want to contribute to the world, through the example of my life, is that Love is what we are doing here. Love is the only thing that’s real. We mostly are pretending that something else is important. Just wishing that we can be authentic and vulnerable enough to say that, all I want to do in my life is to be an expression of love and contribution. So, I hope to remember and remind people that love is an indwelling presence and the search for it can be over, when we remember this.

What super-natural gift would you choose?

My super natural gift is to have a sea of compassion in my heart. Super + Natural.

What is your present state of mind?

I am feeling content and peaceful.

What music are you listening to right now?

An artist from Hawaii named Hanna Leigh. Peia, Brenda McMorrow and Avasa & Matthew Love.

What are you reading right now?

I am reading a book called The Perfect Matrimony

If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go and why?

Maui, to visit my mom. She lives in a beautiful community called Kipahulu. On Sunday nights she hosts a supper club dinner called Café ATTITUDE. The Attitude is "Be Grateful or get out." :-)

What is your favorite quote?

“ Let the beauty we love be what we do, there are hundreds way to kneel and kiss the ground” ~ Rumi

I love soil; I spend a lot of my life dedicated to transforming our current agricultural system into a more regenerative one. This is what inspired me to create my non-profit, "Kiss the Ground". To me, supporting regenerative agriculture is the most hopeful and opportune contribution we can make to ensure life can continue on this planet. Soil is the bottom line of our ecological system, without it, we could not survive.

Interviewed By Nicole Muyingo

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