Interview With Terces Engelhart

February 09, 2016

Living Wholly is thrilled to share with you our exclusive interview with Cafe Gratitude co-founder Terces Engelhart. Find out what gifts she would like to contribute to the world and her favorite, "must have's," while traveling. 
Terces Engelhart, co-founders of Café Gratitude and Gracias Madre; organic farm to table restaurants that offer a transformational environment for employees and customers, in the San Francisco Bay area, Los Angeles and Kansas City.  
Terces Engelhart and husband Matthew Engelhart have a unique approach to life and business. While many would say they are “busy,” the Engelharts, prefer to refer to their lives as “full.” This spirit of gratitude and appreciation for the abundance of life has afforded this dynamic couple a life beyond their expectations.  Matthew and Terces have created a work environment unlike any other.


 What does living wholly mean to you?

It means taking care of all you have said you would care for. It means keeping my heart open and expanding my capacity to be loving. 

What are your top 3 tips for holistic living?
(1) Slow down
(2) Check in with your heart
(3) Be your word

What is your favorite detox?
Spiritual fasting one day a week, one week a quarter, 21 days each year.

What is your self-care practice?
Be truthful, stay in the moment, face my fears, open up to love

Do you have any teachers you work with to inspire and support your evolution in consciousness?
What has been the most challenging experience in your life that turned out to be the most meaningful opportunity to your life's path?
Learning to say, “No”.

What gifts do you want to contribute to the world?
Loving others in a way that they come to know how loved they are.

What is your super-natural gift?
Transparency and kindness.

Who inspires you?
People who overcome their challenges.

What is your present state of mind?

What music are you listening to right now?

What are you reading right now?
He Jesus I never knew. By Philip Yancy

What has been your most memorable revelation while traveling?
There is no place “to get to.”

What are your “must haves” while traveling?
Essential oils, good book, favorite music

What is your favorite quote?
COR 13:4-8 “ Love is……”

                                                                                             ~Interviewed By Jenny Emblom

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