Living Wholly Video - Marianne Williamson

Living Wholly Video - Marianne Williamson

March 05, 2016

The Living Wholly experience provides individuals with empowering events that create an opportunity for the guests to connect socially while generating awareness in the areas of health, wellness + all things conscious. Living Wholly events are an amazing mix of thought provoking speakers, delicious food, drinks, learning and socializing. It’s more than just a sophisticated mixer for the consciously inclined, it's also a chance to meet and experience gratifying connections with best-selling authors, food revolutionaries, green entrepreneurs, and leaders in social change. Our events are always held at inspiring locations and thoughtfully curated. Living Wholly creates a divine experience that explores what it means to connect socially, attune inwardly and walk away feeling inspired.

The event shown here was on February 24th, 2016 in Venice, California. The topic was love and featured wise and deeply poignant, keynote speaker Marianne Williamson. Terces Engelhart opened for her offering practical tools to live more fully in our hearts. Jessie May Wolfe led the guests in a 'Heart Rise' meditation. Live music beautifully created by Avasa & Matthew Love. All organic food, delicious drinks and inspiring connection.

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