Amazing Grace.

Amazing Grace.

June 15, 2019 1 Comment

G R A C E. In some ways, this word – this symbol – is a shape-shifter, meaning different things to different people. But for me, Grace represents the essence of my higher self – that part of me that just knows, and serves as my inner compass. In many ways, a trust in the Grace is what allowed me to take the many leaps of faith that have led me to where I am today, running a company that I’m passionate about and creating a large scale event that is my dream. However, Grace wasn’t something that effortlessly showed up for me, it’s always within me (and all of us), but I’ve had to consciously call it forward.

And so that’s what I did. When I heard the call to make changes such as moving from Aspen to Los Angeles, joining the Spiritual Psychology Master’s program at the University of Santa Monica, starting Living Wholly, curating Attune, I had to be super intentional about asking Grace to support me with these huge changes. In so many ways Grace gave me the permission I needed to keep taking the next step. And even if we’re not taking drastic steps, Grace is still there, helping us find the courage we need to take the small steps that lead to big change. We can trust Grace; she’s our biggest advocate, teacher, and guide.

I’ve been thinking about “trust in Grace” a lot lately as I consider how I want to show up during these intense months leading up to Attune. I’m stretched on a daily basis and everything feels so full throttle.  While it could be easy to get swept away by my triggers and neurosis, I’m stepping back to allow that amazing Grace to come in and work with me – be my co-creator – as I navigate this wild, wonderful and sometimes deeply challenging time. And speaking of the challenges… that’s when Grace really shines. She never fails to show up and support when it feels like everything is falling apart. She comes in and gives me my “why,” offering insight into the reasoning behind the obstacles I’m facing. She also, helps me remember that her essence is not something outside of myself, but something that’s always within me.

I think the deep knowing that Grace, God, the Divine, a higher power, or the term that you most relate to, is always within us is crucial. It’s not something that only an enlightened few possess, it’s within us ALL, we’re ALL channels for something greater.  Personally, I believe that’s why we’re all here – to be vehicles for the Divine to come here and leave a positive impact and uplift in some way. When I remember that amazing Grace is always within me, I am able to show up more gracefully, even if I’m feeling anxious or confused. I’m working on having the consistent intention to embody Grace, because if she’s always there I might as well take advantage of her gifts.


And the gifts of Grace have been a total lifesaver during the crafting of Attune. Honestly, I had so many moments where I wanted to quit and just say the event would happen at an undetermined point in my future. But no, Grace would offer me her gifts of persistence and courage in those moments so I could move forward. To hear her, I had to do the work of meditating, asking for guidance, listening, and then taking the next step. Sometimes, I wasn’t sure if she’d respond, but she always did. She always told me to keep going. And sure, my mind still takes me on the panic-inducing ride of what-ifs, but Grace is always there to take me off the ride and move me through the powerful process of objectively hearing my fears, without allowing them to control my actions. Thank God for Grace, and Grace for God.

So yup, Grace is amazing, but what are the tangible steps I take to have an intimate relationship with her?

  • Breathing. It’s been said that the connection between the Divine and us is our breath. In many instances I’ve found slow, deep breaths to be the surest path to the Grace within, as the breathing supports her in freely moving through me. So when I need to connect with Grace, my step one is always closing my eyes and breathing. 
  • Having an introspective practice. As I often say, my morning practice is absolutely crucial to the health of so many aspects of my life, especially my relationship with Grace. This still, sacred time in the dark hours of the morning allows me to get quiet, be devotional, and commune with the Divine. Because of this, my morning practice is a non-negotiable for me.

  • Clearing the inner clutter. Hiking, yoga, running… anything that makes me move and sweat is a key ingredient in clearing the inner cobwebs, so Grace has space to work within me.
  • Quarterly detox + cleanse. This dietary practice helps me reset, and just like exercise, I have more space and clarity for Grace.
  • Praying. For me, praying looks like asking Grace for specific support, trusting that it will come and holding the frequency that things will work out, even if it’s not in the way that I expect, or think that I want. I worked this system recently when I missed a flight and started to veer into panic. I reeled myself in, connected with my Grace and did what I needed to do to solve the problem. With Grace at my side, we made it happen and I was only delayed one hour. While I pray to Grace often, it’s a must when I’m traveling. I make a point to pray that I’ll be safe, things will go smoothly and that Grace is my constant companion on the adventure.  
I’ve also found that it’s important to be specific about the guidance I’m seeking when I pray. I also, ask that the answers be sent in ways that are easy to decipher. And then I make sure I’m paying attention so I don’t miss those answers. But it’s important to note that sometimes the answers are not ones I want to hear. I don’t always hear that everything will be fine - sometimes I hear that I need to make big challenging changes, and that’s where the trust piece comes back in. When we have trust in Grace, the difficult answers are easier to stomach and work with.
  • Writing. While Grace is an omnipresent miracle worker in so many ways, she also needs guidance to help us get where out heart and soul really want to go. To help her along I love writing intentions and goals. But before I begin writing, I slow down and hone in on what I really want. This thought and heart-filled writing serves as a map for amazing Grace, even if she doesn’t always follow it the way I expect her to. But often, because of this process our destinations intersect.
  • Being mindful of how much I’m doing. If I’m doing too much, it’s hard for Grace to know how to support me, because when I’m overwhelmed by projects and obligations my energy and intention for them is diluted – Grace’s potency is diluted. This is not to say I only have one project going at a time, but I’m trying to be intentional about not saying yes to too much, and making sure my yeses go to the things that really light me up.
  • Having greater acceptance for the unfolding. While I wholeheartedly believe in taking action and staying committed, there’s also something to be said for holding trust for how everything is unfolding. So even when life is playing out much differently than I’d anticipated, I see it as an opportunity to hang out with Grace and allow her to show me the reasoning, while also showing me where I can take responsibility and action. There’s a balance here. As I said earlier, Grace and I need to be co-creators.
  • Saying a nightly thank you. Every night I go outside, look into the stars, and say thank you. thank you for this day, my blessings… everything. This helps me have a conscious relationship with Grace. The result of this nightly acknowledgment and gratitude is a smoother and more serendipitous life, because the conscious connection reminds me that I have a magical, invisible partner on this journey. There’s a real power in calling that relationship forward and honoring it.

Aw Grace, the relationship is such a practice of leaning in. And that’s what I encourage us all to do, continue leaning into Grace during the day, even when we’re feeling triggered or life is seemingly going awry. We should of course feel the feelings these challenges are bringing up, but then choose to lean into Grace and really witness what that feels like. This leaning in is so much easier when we commit to something that will support that. For example, the practices I offered above. So wake up 30 minutes earlier and pray, sit in meditation and have a chat with Grace, chant mantras… do whatever it takes to get into your heart space where Grace lives - give yourself the gift of doing that. Call in the Grace – it will change your life.

with humility + reverence, 

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August 21, 2019

This message spoke right into my heart ❤️ thank you so much

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