Confession: Self Worth

Confession: Self Worth

June 06, 2018

Confession: Before our Virtual Speaker Series call with Dana James, I was struggling with my self-worth, especially in regards to my work and financial abundance. And while having a vibrant self-worth is certainly an ongoing journey, and not a destination, my self-worth profoundly woke up during the call.

One major ah-ha for me was that I realized how I was masking my true nature - my true Self - with the persona I believed would make me more accepted and valuable. Here’s what I mean: when I took the archetype quiz on Dana James' website (which you can take here it was clear that I am an “Ethereal”. In Dana’s words, an Ethereal is, “Feminine, intuitive, expressive and enchanting. You appear to float through life. Your intuition is your guiding compass. You believe in the harmony of the universe and conflict is very distressing for you.” I deeply resonate with that. Dana pointed out that very often, Ethereals tend to mask with another archetype that feels more acceptable. For me, that is without a doubt, the Wonder Woman archetype. I consistently push myself to accomplish more and more while trying to constantly come across as super “on top of it”, resilient, and able to bring to fruition everything I envision and set my mind to. The truth is that we are dynamic beings. We are not one archetype. We are all of them. The journey is integrating all of them and more fully experiencing yourself along the way. So of course, I have the Wonder Woman inside of me, we all do. While I value these traits and authentically have some Wonder Woman woven through me, it was masking my true nature, and as a result my self-worth was suffering.

8 years ago, I decided to honor the Ethereal inside of me and to own who I am even more. I said yes when I left my corporate job and founded Living Wholly. My family of origin, who feel most comfortable with a “9 to 5, six figure salary, good insurance and 401k” type of job, didn’t understand my decision, and I often questioned myself. I had to take a major leap of faith to continue on the path that intuitively felt right, but totally freaked me out. Each day I had to take another step in reclaiming who I really am, underneath my lifelong conditioning.

The call with Dana served as another big step – a step towards giving myself permission to say, “It’s okay to be me,” and realizing that the more I embody that sentiment the more valuable I can be at large. Because, the gifts that I have - the gifts that we all have – can only make a difference if we express them - that’s how we can contribute to the world.

And, this reclamation is a practice. It requires me to keep showing up, doing my inner + outer work, listening to my inner wisdom and taking steps to share all of me. When I’m not doing the daily practices that help me own that self-worth and express those gifts, I fall into an inward and outward battle that results in things not aligning or happening in a manner that feels right. It can be brutal yet obvious when this is happening. Who can relate? But, when I am fully embodied in me, everything begins to work out and align – and I feel alive + turned on.

My expanded awareness of embodying my true Self has also made me reflect on our upcoming “Virtual Speaker Series” call with Ashley Turner, where the topic will be “Embody your Self Worth to Increase your Net Worth.” I’ve been noticing a powerful voice that tells me that fully embodying myself as an ethereal, visionary and creative will bring financial abundance in a more fluid way. I will do the things that I do very best. I will have clear + expansive vision, set powerful intentions, take inspired action, pray, meditate, practice yoga, journal, ask for support, immerse in Nature, take care of myself, collaborate with others, co-create with Spirit and REPEAT. I won’t have to push, I can just be me and the money that’s meant to come will come.

But, here’s the tricky part for me – letting go. Letting go of the desire to push and force the abundance to come. I’ve realized that my mind and ego create a slippery slope that can easily shift me out of alignment and into fear - if I’m not regularly doing the practices that help me release that fear. Discernment is key. That is a completely separate blog. More on that to come...

Food is another tool I use (or disuse) when I’m in the process of letting go and stepping back into my true nature. When I’m holding on to fear and struggling with feeling aligned, I often find myself reaching for foods that provide a quick burst of comfort, but leave me feeling lethargic. On the flip side, when I’m aligned with my true nature, and flowing through life with grace and an attuned intuition, I naturally crave nourishing foods. Dana’s book, The Archetype Diet, has clear and helpful dietary suggestions for the various archetypes – here’s an overview of an eating regime for Ethereals that feels good and has worked so far for me.

  1. Start each morning with a 4-ounce shot of aloe vera juice to help support your digestive system.
  2. For breakfast, have a good-quality carb like warm quinoa with cinnamon and coconut milk or organic eggs on gluten-free toast.
  3. Eat seven ingredients at lunch and dinner: three vegetables, one protein, two fats, and ¾ cups of carbohydrates.
  4. Don’t forget to eat. Make time for your three meals and two snacks each day.
  5. Wind down your evenings with a cup of tea designed for the Ethereal.

My teachers always say that when you’re sharing a message you have to go through it if you’re going to express it authentically. I’m really feeling the truth in that as I weave the teaching of Dana James and Ashley Turner into my life. I’m going deep into the process of transitioning from fear to love in many areas of my life. I am moving more consciously from my head to heart – and recognizing that life isn’t about the external factors. For me, life is ultimately about how I feel inside myself, how I share my gifts with the world, how I settle into a sense of freedom, how I step into my radiance, how my heart, courage and love show up in my life, and how I make a palpable connection with Spirit that supports me to co-create and serve beyond my wildest dreams. From that place, I embody my Self worth and the abundance of radiant health, prosperous finances, aligned friendship, nurturing partnership, divine Motherhood and every other nook and cranny of my human experience. It is a journey. A humbling and joyful process that takes me on a ride each and every day. The affirmation I continue to say in the mirror to myself each day is “I am courageously Authentic, Abundant and Free supporting myself and you with Grace.” Adding to that now “I am free to be me and all of me is pure magnificence.” What are you saying to yourself each day to elevate and embody your Self Worth?

loving you through it all,

p.s. If you're interested experiencing the Live Call with Dana James, you can purchase the recording here. 

p.s.s. If you are curious about our Virtual Speaker Series and want to learn more from the wise + exquisite Ashley Turner on June 20 discussing "Embodying your True Worth to Increase your Net Worth", register here. 

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