Give Your Life More Meaning.

Give Your Life More Meaning.

December 06, 2018

Have you ever experienced that ecstatic spark of inspiration and joy when the vision of what you truly want for your life appears? But then, that inspiration and joy starts fading away as you become consumed by the “how”? Yeah, not so great. But, showing us that there’s another way – a way to hold on to the vibrant energy created by our passion-filled vision – is Donna Bond.

Donna is a professional life and business coach, spiritual advisor and inspirational speaker who graduated from the University of Santa Monica with a master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology, with an emphasis in Consciousness, Health and Healing. After a personal, painful journey that forced Donna to open her eyes to what she really wanted for her life, she’s made it her life’s work to help others claim the rich, fun, and fulfilling life they are meant to lead.

Donna supports individuals in crafting this happy, joyful existence from the inside out by helping them first discover who they truly are – their authentic self that is a Divine Spiritual Being having a human experience. Through this profound inside out work, Donna helps us awaken our soul’s wisdom, and utilize this infinite intelligence to transform our consciousness and live a life that shines with purpose. We had the honor of interviewing Donna, and learning more about her life-changing offerings. Enjoy exploring...

Interview with Donna Bond.

Living Wholly: How are you serving the world, and contributing your gifts?

Donna Bond: I’m acting in the capacity of a professional life and business coach. I help you be more of you, in everything that I do. I help people clear away their old stories and limiting beliefs, and call forward their inner creator that knows what they’re here to do.

Living Wholly: What was the path that led you to becoming a professional life coach and business coach?

Donna Bond: I woke up when I was at the top of my career as a marketing executive in the hospitality industry, where I had been working for 25 years. I was working for a prestigious company, making a lot of money, and interacting with incredible people - but I was dying inside. For about four years I consciously ignored how unhappy I was, and that manifested in a frozen shoulder. My frozen shoulder was a beautiful metaphor for my life because I knew I was unhappy, but I wasn’t doing anything to move myself out of where I was.

At the time, I was already enrolled in USM and had been in the program for a year. (I went into the program on the advice of a psychic!) It was completely illogical that I would sign up for this master’s program, but there was something pulling me toward it.

My divine guidance finally arrived when I was on a plane reading Ken Atkinson’s book “Finding Your Element.” There were really resonant ideas in the book that caused me to suddenly have complete clarity that, even though I didn’t have a plan, I had to quit my job.

So, I worked as a marketing consultant for about a year and a half before the Universe pulled me into coaching. I had to complete a service project for USM and the initial project I submitted was to coach women on marketing their small business. My request was denied, but I had already committed to coaching Nicola Behrman and kept my word to her. I coached her for 9 months and what happened during those sessions was really miraculous. That’s where I discovered my gift as a coach, and how fulfilling and rewarding this work is on the deepest level.

Living Wholly: What are the primary techniques you use to help your clients transform their consciousness?

Donna Bond: One is allowing spirit to work through me. I am just the channel - I’m just holding space to call forward the higher aspect of the person that I’m working with. When that aspect of ourselves gets called forward, we have a remembrance and a standing forward in what we came here to do. So, I just get out of the way and allow spirit to work through me.

The second thing is working with the principles and practices of spiritual psychology, which is a brilliant technology that can create so much freedom. It is a way for us to transform our consciousness by beginning to see our lives through the soul’s perspective. I help my clients see their life through this spiritual context, and realize that everything that’s happening is a gift, and a perfectly presented opportunity to learn the lessons that our soul took embodiment to learn.  

Another technique I utilize is my directness. I have the ability to hold up a mirror for people in a really gentle and compassionate way that assists them in looking at things they might not be able to look at otherwise. I help people look at their blind spots.

Living Wholly: What are three tips for calling forward our innate wisdom?

Donna Bond: Remembering that we are divine spiritual beings having a human experience is a big one. We are first and foremost an energy system, and an essence that is connected to all that is. Our personalities and egos are like our soul’s avatar. We need to remember that we are so much greater than any condition or situation that might be going on around us. I help my clients call forward the creator that we all have within us.  

Slowing down is another way to call forward our innate wisdom. We’re often moving too fast. I used to be the busiest person I knew. I was not the person hanging out by the water cooler. I was getting people to get busy. But, life is happening right now - right here in this moment. When we can slow down and become fully present, we stop projecting the future and fragmenting our energy, focus and intention. Our powers of creation are in the moment, and the only way we can come into alignment with that is by slowing down.

Living Wholly: What is a practice that supports you to align one’s head with their heart?

Donna Bond: Clarity. We get caught up in the steps because it’s our human nature, and we believe we have to do it all ourselves. We get caught up in the how, getting lost in all the steps between point A and B. I assist my clients in “hanging up the how” and bringing as much focus and clarity into the “what.” I ask, “What do you really want, and why do you really want it?” The more we can crystallize the experience we are looking to have, the more the Universe will naturally begin organizing itself on our behalf. It will deliver or gently redirect us, if we’re willing to be redirected.

So hang up the how, come into focus with the experience you want to have, and stop chasing the destination. People often believe that they’ll receive everything they’re looking for through the job, relationship, etc., but I help them go deeper than that and name what it is that they’re really seeking.

Living Wholly: What does it mean to transform your life from the inside out?

Donna Bond: One of my favorite principles in spiritual psychology is best described by Drs. Ron & Mary Hulnick who say that, “Outer experience is a reflection of inner experience.” It sounds counter intuitive, but if we can change the way we feel about something on the inside, that will in turn create a different experience on the outside.

For example, a lot of people are chasing love - everyone wants to be with their soul mate. We falsely believe that we will be fulfilled by the love that this relationship will give us. I’m in a storybook relationship, but that wasn’t what filled my void of love - that can only come from the inside.

So, if you want more love, love yourself more. The more we can love, honor and nurture ourselves, the more that will be reflected back to us through the people in our life.

Living Wholly: How does discovering our authentic Self shift how we show up in the world? And, how do we go about discovering that authentic self?

Donna Bond: It goes back to helping you be more of you. We’re all so saddled with belief patterns – there’s an endless amount of channels that are bearing down on us, telling us who we’re supposed to be. Our authentic self is the part of us that knows the truth and has the inner resonance to know what makes us feel expansive and uplifted. When we’re in that space, we’re in our authentic self.

But sometimes we prevent ourselves from being in that space because we’re trying to fit in a box someone told us we’re supposed to fit in. This is a process of defining, discovering and being willing to uncover what is true for you, regardless of what society might say. Coming face to face with that often requires facing our fears, because we have to get out of our comfort zone - we have to find the courage and willingness to be our authentic selves no matter what.   

Living Wholly: What does living wholly mean to you?

Donna Bond: Loving all the parts of ourselves. That’s not easy to do all the time - to love our shadow side, and messy parts. For me, that’s a big part of living wholly.

Living Wholly: Are there any coaches, books, or classes that support you as a female entrepreneur, coach and conscious human?

Donna Bond: Drs. Ron & Mary Hulnick ,of course. I’m also a big fan of Caroline Myss and Wayne Dyer.

Marie Forleo is a blast and offers great guidance about being a female entrepreneur.

I was recently introduced to the work of Rachel Hollis, who wrote the book “Girl Wash Your Face.” I couldn’t put it down. She has interesting ideas about empowering women and does it so authentically.

Mary Morrissey is also amazing. I studied under her to get some of my early coaching certifications.

I’m a fan of Robert Holden, who leads a mastermind program I’m in. I think he’s the presence of love and has been a big influence in me bringing my emotional intelligence into every aspect of my life. I used to be so mental and only operated with that capacity, thinking everything had to make sense and be smart and logical. I tried to get along in life only using my mental capacity, but I was denying my spiritual and emotional intelligence. With Robert’s support I learned to allow my heart to lead and inform my life.

Living Wholly: What inspired your upcoming retreat “Discovering the Authentic You”? And what can one expect to receive from this experience?

Donna Bond: The content I present over the two and a half days is the compilation of the learning I’ve experienced through my own transformation. This content goes back five years, when I began seeing the pathway to fulfillment. What I present in the retreat are the life mastery tools and mindset shifts that occurred for me, which I present in a way where people can hear and understand them in a classroom like setting, but then engage with each sacred truth in a way that allows them to experience it within themselves. So, with every section of content, there’s an experiential component.

One of the key things about this retreat is that there are only six spots. There are only six spots because this is a really sacred, intimate container that is created for the purposes of deep sharing. When people are witnessed, miracles happen. It’s deeply profound when people can stand up and share their truth.

Living Wholly:  How can people learn more about your upcoming retreat and coaching with you?

Donna Bond: Meet Donna Bond LIVE on a 45 minute webinar on Dec 12th AT 7 pm pst.

Details for call are:

Awaken your desire to provide loving support and attention to the most important person in your life experience...YOU!

Donna will share 3 important distinctions between self-care and self-love. Learn these empowering mindset shifts and get the opportunity to do a comp coaching session with Donna.

On the webinar, Donna will teach for 20 minutes and talk about the retreat for 20 minutes. On the webinar, there will be an opportunity to receive a comp coaching session. By putting down a refundable deposit on the retreat of $500, this gives you a chance to connect more deeply with Donna and decide if you want to spend the weekend with her. If not, you get your money back. Easy peasy.

The retreat is at DiscoverAuthenticYou and runs from February 8-10, 2019. There are only five spots left.

To learn more about a coaching journey with me, I offer complimentary discovery sessions. This session is my opportunity to give somebody an experience with me and decide if we resonate.


We are really feeling the expansion from the retreat offering. All of it is compelling us to go deeper. At Living Wholly, we feel that the beauty of Donna’s work is that it doesn’t only impact the individuals she works with. As she supports her clients in awakening their soul’s knowingness, stepping into their authentic selves, and allowing their purpose and passion to guide them, this vibrant energy trickles out and begins to transform the global consciousness. And, we are aware that the consciousness of our precious world is primed for elevation. By utilizing Donna’s guidance, we can discover the power to be part of this radical shift that is unfolding before our eyes.

With inspiration,

*This interview has been edited and condensed.

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