Happy Spring!

Happy Spring!

March 26, 2018

Spring shift, renewing the morning ritual

Thank Goddess the Spring Equinox has come! Here's to longer days, jasmine blooms, cherry blossoms and al fresco dining. Since this threshold also, marks my birthday each year - I find myself reveling in the opportunity of rebirth during a very symbolic seasonal shift in Nature. It gives me a reason to press the “restart button” and reinvest in myself.

As the days grace us with more light and we begin to dance our way back into the world after hibernation, take it easy on yourself. Although spring season feels very external and focused on being outside, it is important to recirculate our energy inwards as well. This helps us maintain a healthy balance, both expending our energy outwards and redirecting within. With the shift of season comes the adjustment in perspective. One of the most helpful tools for me is having devoted morning rituals that set the tone for the rest of my day. Now everyone has his or her own spice to add to the recipe, but this is the broth to my morning ritual stew.

  • Put the phone down (for now) 

This sounds simpler than it feels. For me it was about redirecting a pattern of turning over to turn off my alarm and then immediately beginning to scroll through emails. There will be time to do this later. Let yourself have the morning for YOURSELF. Try setting your phone to airplane mode before falling asleep- it keeps the pressure to respond at bay until you consciously decide to step into work mode.

  • Make your bed

This one pretty much speaks for itself and may seem juvenile. There is nothing more satisfying than walking into a room with the bed made. Instantly, my world feels tidy and organized. Think of it as a present to your not-so-distant-self.

  • Drink water

There are a lot of moving variables when you wake up, but there is one thing for certain, your body is thirsty. So pour yourself a glass of room temperature water (room temp water is easier for your digestion and hydrates you more efficiently), ADD LEMON to alkalize first thing, and let your body drink in the benefits. It will give you energy, make you less hungry, AND nourishes your skin. I’d call that a win win win.

  • Do something you love

On my way to my meditation mat in the morning I always like to heat up a kettle of hot water so I can pour a few cups Chinese Tea during my meditation practice. I have found it helps facilitate grounding into a meditative state. Find a peaceful activity- it can be making a latte, taking a step outside to feel the fresh air, watching the sunrise, saying a prayer, giving thanks, chanting, drawing, journaling, anything! There’s no limit here, find any ritual that you love, and in turn will add depth and joy to your morning meditation practice.

  • Meditate

All you need is 5 minutes to drop into your body and tune in. I have found meditating in the morning helps me feel more peaceful and intentional throughout my day. New to meditation? Find a cushion or pillow, sit down and let yourself find stillness, trying to sit with a straight and aligned spine. Start off by trying 5 minutes of Ujjayi breath, by sealing your lips and beginning to breath slowly in and out of your nose. Make a slight constriction in the back of your throat so there is a soft sound of the ocean when you breathe in and out. Try this (or any other breathing exercise) for a week and add more time or change breath techniques when you feel comfortable. For those of you with a regular meditation practice, try implementing a new breathing technique, adding in a kundalini kriya or adjusting time to mix things up a bit.

*Just a simple disclaimer, there is no perfect amount of time to meditate, just do what feels right in your body, this may vary day to day and that’s absolutely perfect. Your body knows what you need.*

  • Move your body

There’s no right or wrong way to do it- stretch, go on a walk, go on a run, do some yoga or Qi gong, dance, or anything else you can think of. Let the joy of your body move you!

Is it just me or did mornings just get a heck of a lot better? Happy Spring! Enjoy the light both outside, and within.

Deep bow to all of you.


and the Living Wholly team

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