Herbalist + devoted Environmentalist - Sarah Buscho from Earth to Face

Herbalist + devoted Environmentalist - Sarah Buscho from Earth to Face

May 10, 2017

Imagine two herbalists, a garden, and a devoted focus on creating a purely plant-based 100% natural skincare line, free of toxins or synthetic compounds. Meet Earth Tu Face, founded by Sarah Buscho and Marina Storm in their California kitchen and herbal garden.

We had the special opportunity to connect with Sarah and learn more about their journey of creating the best of the best products. ALL made from organic, high quality, and food-grade ingredients sourced by them with the best natural compounds the earth has to offer. Read on to learn more about this unique beauty brand. Find the full line in our online shop. Enjoy!

LW: What inspired your deeper connection with plants, being in the garden and becoming an herbalist?

SB: I grew up with plants and a dad with a very green thumb. I grew up in the Bay area playing in the back yard while learning about plants and seeds. My childhood games revolved around the garden. My favorite game was making presents from the garden. We would make leaves full of berries. I was drawn to being outside versus playing with dolls. It’s part of who I am. I don’t remember ever having a time where Nature wasn’t key in my life.

LW: What exactly is an herbalist and does that require certification?

SB: An Herbalist is a healer using plants as medicine. This person uses items from the natural world to support people to remedy conditions. Marina and I studied in a 3 Year program with one year of clinical at Berkeley Ohlone. It was a wonderful program. Went in 2007 and graduated in 2010.

LW: What was the defining moment that supported your vision with Earth Tu Face and creating a skincare line?

SB: It wasn’t a conscious decision. During the 2nd year of school, I got into making products on a bigger scale for others versus only myself. At one point, I was making products for myself to alleviate sensitive skin. It was a blessing in disguise yet annoying. But then, it became the catalyst for clean eating and beauty. I started making larger batches and my God brother made the labels as a graphic designer. It was under a different name and I was following the wave of creativity. A store wanted to buy all of the products. At that point, I decided to keep moving forward with it. At that point, I decided to pass on Nursing school. Things were moving and I was following the energy.

LW: How did you meet your business partner, Marina, and why did you decide to take this journey together?

SB: We met at Herbalist school. It kind of just happened. I’ve loved working with her as a sister and a friend.

LW: In your own words, how would you describe Earth Tu Face?

SB: Earth Tu Face is a line of skincare and body care. Lean, mean and green. The most environmentally sustainable we could get it. Every decision is made in a super conscious way. The philosophy we have behind the products is that we are all environmentalists. We all have a huge impact on this earth. While I am here, I am focused on this. I want to create a sustainable future. We got into it because of the phenomenal products that are creating awareness around single use plastics while being environmental and humanly conscious. Making the decisions for the planet is the only way. We are committed to generating awareness on ways to stay committed to the Earth. The price point is higher because of the quality. ALL products are food grade with organic ingredients and biodegradeable.

For example: Skin Stick in the cardboard versus plastic or tin. Other brands caught on and began to rethink their packaging.

LW: What keeps you devoted to minimal waste packaging regardless of cost?

SB: Being able to sleep at night while having a relationship with my Higher Self and the Outdoors. I am devoted, knowing that I am contributing in a meaningful way. In my conscience, I feel good about my commitment to the environment. Otherwise, I couldn’t live with myself. We have been tempted when the products are being wasted from glass breaking. However, we figured out ways to do it and we cannot sacrifice our ethics. Humans want to evolve.


LW: Where do you source your ingredients?

SB: We still grow organically in the Bay area. We source the roses and calendula lavender ourselves. Other ingredients are sourced from co-op in Australia. Every ingredient has a story about why we use it in our products. Our packaging is sourced from the US in a healthy way. We get it here.

Example: Sea Salt – skin soluble from the sea.

LW: Do you believe that plant based products are as long lasting and effective without the stabilizers and ingredients that support anti-aging?

SB: Essential oils are very anti-oxidant in nature and preserve things. Vitamin E and honey are extremely stabilizing. Anti – Aging – essential oils are extremely anti-aging. This is different than a beauty counter that makes things in a lab to target a certain ailment. We are not sacrificing anything by using all natural products.

LW: What are your top 3 favorite products in the collection?


  1. Face Wash - there is nothing like it on the market. It is a burst of plants on your face.
  2. Skin stick – all in one best seller.
  3. Face balm – I actually love all of the moisturizers because I enjoy having a skin care wardrobe based on various levels of hydration needed from time to time and season to season.

LW: What makes Earth Tu Face unique and standout in the beauty and skincare world?

SB: We are making the best possible products without a business degree and focusing on the bottom line. We fit into the luxury sector since the product looks great on the shelf, performs and includes high quality ingredients.

LW: In your words, how are you serving the world and contributing your gifts?

SB: Actually a few things::::

  • I am writing more about the philosophy of Earth Tu Face and sharing our commitment to the environment. The business has taken so much energy over the past 7-8 years. It has creative sides that are very important for me. I am working with Nature to make products.
  • I am currently moving into a place where I can shine through to be a catalyst for change with other companies while talking about doing social change through business. I am talking about how businesses are built and consumers are creating boundaries.
  • I’ve done deeper work with activism through beauty and Venusian way. I am educating people on what’s in the products and giving money to the things we want to exist.
  • I am moving into more realms of health and healing.

LW: What are 3 things that keep you inspired and living a healthy, fulfilling life?


  1. Being in Nature often. I enjoy hiking with my dog, fiancé and friends. It inspires me with its complex ecosystem. There is no waste and it is sustainable.
  2. I am a Mushroom hunter. I met my fiancé this way. Mushrooms can do so much for the environment. It is truly a kingdom. The largest and oldest organism is the mycelium. Truly fascinating.
  3. Flowers, essential oils and dirt will always inspire me.

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