Interview with Caley Alyssa

Interview with Caley Alyssa

December 20, 2018

Love. What does it mean to you? Who do you share it with? Hopefully, YOU are at the top of that list. Self-love is the heart and soul of a vibrant life, allowing us to tap into courage, resilience and a deep trust in our ability to fulfill our dreams. But as many of us know, filling ourselves with love isn’t always as easy as it sounds. The need for more self-love in our world is the catalyst for much of the work Caley Alyssa, yoga nidra, meditation teacher and mentor, contributes to the world.

This passion for love has made Caley an internationally beloved health and wellness maven, with an enthusiasm for helping everyone she encounters. Yoga was the game-changer for Caley, helping her articulate and actualize her dreams, while giving her the insights and tools to support others in awakening self-love, and the determination to fulfill their own passion-filled dreams. She offers this support through yoga classes, workshops, retreats, online content and now her mentorship program.

Caley’s depth of wisdom was fostered through extensive training, which has included two 200-hour teacher trainings, a 500-hour teacher training with Dharma Mittra, children's yoga teacher training, and more. She is also a Certified Holistic Health Coach through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

We spoke with Caley to learn more about authentically + powerfully embodying love, money, and magnetism in our lives and careers, by using an effective blend of meditation, self love, a discovery of the realities of business + wellness, and thoughtful, effective marketing. Read the full interview below to discover tips and insights directly from Caley.

Interview with Caley.

Living Wholly: How are you serving the world and contributing your gifts?

Caley Alyssa: I’m serving the world by offering yoga and meditation classes. I also co-host a group called Women Catalysts in Los Angeles, where we highlight and interview different women who are entrepreneurs and community leaders. We get their story out and share how they got to where they are and what challenges they faced. I love supporting other women who are doing really cool things.

I also offer a lot of digital content, including a YouTube channel that allows me to reach people who don’t live in LA. In addition, I’m launching a digital mentorship program that will allow me to offer support in a more involved, detail-oriented manner.

Living Wholly: What inspired you to take your first teacher’s training? What was the defining moment that shifted you from finance to the path of wellness?

Caley Alyssa: It started in San Francisco where I was working in finance full time. I didn’t know anyone – I was new to the city and didn’t have any friends. The wife of one my then-husband’s colleagues invited me to a yoga class at Yoga Tree Stanyan. and Darren Main was the teacher and he was great. I loved the class so much that afterwards, when I saw a sign for a teacher’s training on nights and weekends, I decided to sign up. I  thought, “Well I have nothing else to do so I might as well join this training.” So I did, and I loved it. I received an instant community and felt plugged into a city that I had been foreign to. It was an amazing experience.

Living Wholly: How did yoga help you articulate and actualize your dreams?

Caley Alyssa: I never had the dream of becoming a yoga teacher – it was initially just an emotional support vehicle. Then, yoga became my big thing – my dream. It was unexpected. It has created an amazingly abundant life for me that I’m so grateful for.

Living Wholly: What does the word “Yoga” mean to you?

Caley Alyssa: It means something different to me at different times in my life - yoga is constantly changing for me. Traditionally, yoga means “union” and “coming together” and it’s of course all those things, but it’s also been an amazing career, emotional support, and source of connection. I feel lucky to be part of the worldwide yoga community.

Living Wholly: Why do you think it’s important to blend exercise with inward-focused practices like meditation?

Caley Alyssa: Exercise is to take care of our physical body, but meditation is to take care of our mental body. Meditation teaches us how to work with stress and anxiety, and how to work with emotions in the body that we’ve stored and haven’t yet processed. If those emotions arise during physical exercise we may not know how to process them, but meditation gives us the needed tools.  

Living Wholly: In your opinion, what is your zone of genius?

Caley Alyssa: Yoga, meditation, and business. I have a solid understanding of business and how it works, which becoming a social media influencer has helped quite a lot. Having my own business has been amazing, but one of my favorite aspects is the community connection it creates.

Living Wholly: What is the importance of the four pillars of embodiment: meditation, self love, the realities of business + wellness, and marketing. And, how do you help individuals explore and enhance these pillars in their lives?

Caley Alyssa: Self-love is the foundation. Without self-love you don’t know what your worth is, nor do you value yourself, so how can anyone else value you and what you offer. So self-love is crucial.

Meditation is also crucial – it’s a source of inspiration and is a beautiful tool for building a business.

During our call, I’ll go deeper into the business of wellness, and how marketing and social media is such a big part of that (or any) industry.

Living Wholly: What are three tips for authentically + powerfully embodying love, money and magnetism?

Caley Alyssa: The first tip is consistency. Practicing on a consistent basis and showing up for the work. If you’re not doing the work you can’t preach to other people. And that leads into my second tip, practicing what you preach.

For example, if you’re going to be teaching about money and finance, you should be knowledgeable about that world. I’ve met many women who wanted to be famous yoga teachers, but didn’t have the credentials to back it up – they thought social media alone would do that for them. You have to fully embody everything you preach.

And third, meditation allows me to be a respective and introspective person. When I’m not, I’m much more reactive. Meditation is crucial for those who want to excel in any industry, and want to function at the most optimal level.

Living Wholly: What does magnetism mean to you?

Caley Alyssa: Magnetism helps you vibrate from a higher place, and when you are vibrating in a higher place – when you’re in your meditation practice, when you’re in self-love - you’re asking for that frequency to be matched. Whatever frequency you’re emitting is the frequency you’re going to get. So if you’re sitting at home twiddling your thumbs, feeling awful because you don’t have the stuff you want in your life, that’s the frequency you’re admitting. Magnetism is huge, it’s all about getting yourself on the frequency of the vibration that you want to attract in your life – that applies to everything.

Living Wholly: Why are self-reliance, determination, and dedication key components of being a great leader?

Caley Alyssa: Self-reliance is crucial to being a leader. You need to have self-reliance to pick up the phone and make a call, and make a decision on your own. People are very afraid of making decisions on their own these days, and trusting themselves. In regards to determination and dedication, they are all about earnestness. If you’re going to decide that you’re launching a product, then you will launch that product. If you have determination and dedication you really get into the project and don’t give up when it gets challenging - it means fully committing to something, and being fierce in completing it.

Living Wholly: What does living wholly mean to you?

Caley Alyssa: It’s keeping our mind, body and spirit healthy. So living wholly is not just about the food you consume, or your work out, or your meditation, or your interactions, it’s about all of it. When you utilize small daily practices that are sustainable for you, then you find the effortlessness in living wholly. Living wholly produces a feeling of really smooth functioning.

Living Wholly: How can people learn more about your offerings and work with you?

Caley Alyssa: You can learn more about me on my website, You can work with me in my six-month group mentorship program that I just launched. There are only eight spots available because I want this to be intimate and have the space to give the people who apply the attention they deserve. I’ll be doing these every six months.

I also have a retreat in Sayulita, Mexico next October that I will be announcing in January.

For those who feel the spark of a big dream, but find a lack of self-love, determination, or business acumen holding you back, join us for a complimentary LIVE Zoom call with Caley on Wednesday, January 9 at 6.00 pm pst. During this 75 minute online workshop Caley will be speak about how to authentically + powerfully embody love, money, and magnetism, by exploring the four pillars of embodiment: meditation, self love, the realities of business + wellness, and marketing. We look forward to joining you in the journey of attracting what it is that you most desire. Click here to register and confirm your spot

Today, start by acknowledging one thing you love about your self. Try that every day for the rest of the week. I imagine you will begin to appreciate who you are and love yourself more. 

loving you,

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