Interview with Danielle Beinstein, Psychological Astrologist

Interview with Danielle Beinstein, Psychological Astrologist

July 03, 2018

As Psychological Astrologist, Danielle Beinstein says, “Eclipses can be wild cards.” During eclipse season we can easily be thrown for a loop as eclipses often reveal the areas in our life that require change, even if it’s change we’re not expecting or fully prepared for. Eclipses shake us up and cause us to shed that which needs to be released. But what exactly is eclipse season? Eclipse season is one of the two periods throughout a year when eclipses can occur, because of the orbital leaning of the Moon. It’s a time of enigmas, unheavels, and transformations.

Because this season of change can feel overwhelming and mysterious, Danielle will support us in navigating this astronomical phenomenon while elaborating upon the upcoming eclipses on July 13, July 27 and August 11, how to harness the energy, and tools for transformation. Eclipse season is real, which is why we were honored to interview Danielle and dive deeper into her wisdom.

Interview with Danielle Beinstein.

Living Wholly: What most inspires you about the human condition?

Danielle Beinstein: The complexity of it. The nuances and the depth. And the varying ways it expresses itself. I have always been a voracious reader and I’ve always loved film, television, songwriting and the visual arts because of this very thing. Art breaks down the walls that society erects, and the navigation of that continues to inspire and fascinate me.


Living Wholly: What do you believe is the common thread amongst all humans?

Danielle Beinstein: The need to be loved.


Living Wholly: In your words, how are you serving the world and contributing your gifts?

Danielle Beinstein: Big question! By and large, I’m doing and contributing in a way that’s in alignment with my core wiring. I’ve always had a strong aptitude for writing and speaking and for synthesizing information. And I’ve always been psychologically astute. So I found a way to bring all of that together.

Living Wholly: What guided you to becoming a Psychological Astrologist?

Danielle Beinstein: Destiny. I still can’t wrap my head around it. I started studying astrology when I was 19 but I never ever thought I’d be doing it for a living. It unfolded organically, after I completed my MA in Spiritual Psychology. I followed the path laid out before me and got out of my own way.

Living Wholly: Please describe your work and how you relate to your clients?

Danielle Beinstein: Every session is unique to the client’s needs. With first time clients, I begin by analyzing and explaining their natal chart, which is a snapshot of the sky the moment they were born. From there, we explore how the client is or isn’t harnessing the energy available to them. That allows us to then do an even deeper dive, healing old traumas and limiting beliefs to create space for healthier, more proactive expressions of their talents, gifts and unique destiny.

Living Wholly: With eclipse season around the corner, why do you find it supportive for people to learn about the cosmic alignment?

Danielle Beinstein: Eclipses can be wild cards. It’s a good reminder that our egos are not in charge and that the Universe has a plan for us. It also reminds us to pay attention and not to prejudge any information that we receive. Eclipses unfold like dominoes.

Living Wholly: Can you share one personal experience that you’ve had with an eclipse and how harnessing this energy supported you to surrender more fully?

Danielle Beinstein: Bed bugs. During the eclipse of October 2014, I got bed bugs and had to get rid of almost all my belongings. That eclipse, which was in my 4th house of home, forced me to surrender completely and to let go of outdated attachments and expectations. That was the same month that I launched my business. At that moment, I felt I had nothing left to lose.

Living Wholly: Why do events around the eclipses seem fated?

Danielle Beinstein: Because eclipses are tied to the North and South nodes, which reveal where our souls come from and where they’re going.

Living Wholly: What is a daily practice that supports you with attunement, personally and professionally?

Danielle Beinstein: Prayer.

Living Wholly: What does living wholly mean to you?

Danielle Beinstein: Living wholly means living outside of the box and tuning in to my intuition. It means accepting the wholeness of life, the peaks and valleys and both my personal light and shadow.

Living Wholly: How can people learn more about you, and work with you?

Join us as we learn how to welcome and navigate the uncertainty and mystical beauty of eclipse season by tuning in to our live call with Danielle Beinstein on Wednesday, July 11 6.00 pm pst on our "Virtual Speaker Series" LIVE via Zoom. With support from Danielle, we can move through eclipse season with grace. Register here to confirm your complimentary spot and receive the pre-worksheet to receive the most value from this virtual workshop. We look forward to seeing you on the Zoom.

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