Interview with Gabriella Taylor

Interview with Gabriella Taylor

April 10, 2018

Meet Gabriella Taylor

She is a Professional Relationship Coach, Minister and Creator of Extraordinary Love™ Transformational Educational Programs. Gabriella is acutely aware and deeply connected to the journey of awakening. She serves with her heart and walks the talk. She is a Master in relationships. Continue on to learn more about her work and the ways in which she supports the elevation of consciousness on the planet.


Living Wholly: In your words, how are you serving the world and contributing your gifts?

Gabriella Taylor: The way I see I am serving the world and contributing my gifts are actually simple.

I’m very committed to my own path. I’m also consistently looking inside myself to see beyond the constraints of whatever my ego identification thinks, and I am seeking to unbind myself from perceived limitation so I can see myself more clearly and release my distorted perceptions. I am committed to calling myself forward and seeing what I am truly made of - which is far greater than this personality and my secret hurts.

One of my biggest contributions, in a way, is to really do my work - to practice it in my own life. This work requires courage and a strong heart to keep looking deeper - to look beyond conditioned identity stances – to look beyond what is possible – to look beyond what I think I’m capable of.  I feel that I have to walk my talk, even though I stumble all the time, to do the depth of work I do with others. If someone peeled back the curtain of what happened in my private life, you’d see a very human woman doing her best to apply what she teaches to her own self and life. This all supports me in recognizing that the more I’m able to live in my heart, the more powerful I am. That’s the truest service I can offer.

A gift that I contribute is my recognition that we are amidst a huge transformation on an evolutionary level on the planet, where the concept of feminine power is coming into its own - and not in an "againstness" to the masculine way, we’ve just been out of balance for thousands of years, living in a very masculine society – and now there’s an awakening that’s happening. Women everywhere are standing up to find their voices - to speak their truths - to learn how to take care of themselves. I help walk women through the journey into themselves so they can become powerful leaders in their own lives – so they can become radiant women who have a voice and is used in service to being part of the solution, the overall awakening.

Specifically, I’ve been gifted with an ability to both get into someone’s inner world with them, learn how to begin naming what they see inside, especially the areas that feel limiting, which maybe previously felt hidden and now they can move through these old patterns - often once and for all. When people  turn the lights on in themselves so they can see more clearly and can unbind themselves from unwanted patterns, so much more life force is freed up to actually begin creating a life built on authenticity, joy and integrity.

The life I was given early on had a tremendous amount of pain woven into it, yet the ability of my spirit to keep learning how to go beyond what I thought life was, helped me to stretch beyond that. This early period of my life helped me learn how to lift myself up from the inside out. And, after serving in the transformational industry for over 20 years, this has both become my life’s work and calling because I’ve had to learn what it takes to really stand in the principles and practices of living an awakened life, I also thrive in the experiencing of walking others into their own freedom.

    Living Wholly: At its essence, what is your intention with your Extraordinary Love™ Program?

    Gabriella Taylor: My deepest intention behind my work is for women to reclaim a deep sense of power in themselves and possibility, in relationship to men in particular. To re-define relationship so it serves as a catalyst for each other’s greatness, instead of a repository of blame and disappointment. Together, united in partnership, we are capable of extraordinary things. From here, we are more confident to shine our lights, knowing someone deeply has our back.

    Relationships are the way in. All roads are pointing back to restoring a woman into her sense of self – who she truly is - how she was created in the eyes of the divine and how she can be an accurate representation of her highest self. When we’re restored to our truest self then the light we shine as women is amazing. As the Dalai Lama once said - it is the Western women who will save the world.

    Living Wholly: What inspired you to focus your coaching practice on relationships?

    Gabriella Taylor: I would say it’s more of a calling. I experienced significant sexual abuse in the past. As I grew, something awoke inside of me that knew something more must be available.  I began the slow process of repairing my fractured sense of self that had been so damaged. I had no idea how to move beyond incredible fear and ruptured trust, or the sense that I had to change myself to avoid displeasing a man. I had no sense of who I was or how to hold my own. Our defense mechanisms are exquisite how they keep us alive - out of necessity, I became masterful at lying, manipulating, and posturing because that was all I knew and that’s how I kept myself safe. I just knew there was more.

    As I discovered for myself what that journey of restoration and healing was, it inspired me to see that I wasn’t the only one suffering in this way. I saw sisters around me everywhere feeling disconnected and disempowered and this is how The Journey of Extraordinary Love™ was born all those years ago.

    To find ME under all of that, and to experience the depth of extraordinary love with my Nicholas, has been the most rewarding journey and is why I do what I do. I discovered what worked for me and began walking other women through the process as well, which is why I design and offer transformational educational processes.

    Living Wholly: What has been the most challenging experience in your life that turned out to be the most meaningful opportunity to your life's path?

    Gabriella Taylor: Releasing the trauma of sexual abuse from my body, energy field, and emotions has been the most difficult. There’s all of these incredible defense systems that our bodies go into to protect us. Therefore, the process  to restore a felt-sense of safety, trust, ownership, and autonomy over my body where I felt so broken has been a long road, as well as recognizing how connected this is to my emotional responses and ability to be close to someone else, has been a significant learning opportunity. However, these challenges have been really rewarding. I now have a keen sense and appreciation for the work that goes into assisting women along the delicate path of learning how to share - mind, body, and soul - with a partner, and not lose yourself in the process.

    Living Wholly: In your experience, what is one of the most common reasons that humans feel disempowered in relationships?

    Gabriella Taylor: One of the most common reasons humans feel disempowered in relationships is that we’ve all been taught to believe “that thing out there” has power over us. We’re conditioned in a world that teaches us that our happiness and permission to be who we are, is all regulated by what the world tells us we need to be. Therefore, where’s our power?

    So much of the disempowerment in relationships comes from this collective trance that we don’t have the power inside ourselves. I don’t mean the power that comes from ego-strength. There’s this forgetfulness that we have full capacity to watch where our thinking is going, to resource ourselves emotionally so we don’t spin out, and to learn how to line ourselves up inside so our behaviors reflect the thoughts we’re thinking and the stories we’re telling ourselves. In that, we have so much power.

    Living Wholly: What are common ‘blocks’ that can prevent women + men from ‘seeing clearly’ in relationships?

    Gabriella Taylor:

    1. Pointing the finger. We are so conditioned to point the finger, saying or thinking, “If you wouldn’t talk to me that way. . . If you won’t look at me that way. . . If you only . . .” The energy that’s behind this behavior never results in the experience of openness, a feeling that we are on the same team or that we’re exploring how to better our communication and our intimacy. If we’re pointing the finger we’re automatically divided and automatically going against each other.
    2. Lack of awareness on how our history is affecting us. This is a huge block. There are many ways that cognitive shields are set up that prevent us from seeing how our experiences in a relationship are related to what we learned growing up in our early developmental experiences. I call this our Intimacy Model™. Most often, people don’t have an awareness of how the past is shaping the current experiences that cause them pain.
    3. Confusion around dependency and needs in our culture.  There’s a block around thinking that it’s not okay to need support, that it’s not acceptable to need from one another. In reality, we all need one another. It is really about how we attempt to meet our needs that comes into question. The issue is that this is often underscored by pointing the finger, or that lack of awareness on how our history is affecting us. Many people are confused on how to stay connected to themselves while also letting someone else in. At the same time, how does one avoid self-abandonment without going into what another person is doing or needing.

    So there’s a lot of confusion around the questions, “What’s it’s like to be me? To have needs? To speak into my needs? To actually meet my needs - and also communicate to others what I need in a way that’s not demanding or people-pleasing” Something I call “spiritual isolation” is when women and men are walking around thinking that because they’re walking a spiritual path they should be totally whole and complete in themselves, self reliant, and not need anyone else. That’s’ unhealthy independence. It is not only possible for us to learn how to speak our needs, and then really take it in when those needs are met, but it’s crucial to shape our culture in a new way that both honors connection and individuality.

    Living Wholly: What is one tool that you recommend for those experiencing a challenge/s in a romantic relationship/s?

    Gabriella Taylor: I would recommend really taking some time unpeeling and unpacking your intimacy model™ – the programming that went in when you were little. For example, what did you see? What was modeled? How were feelings handled? How was affection handled? How was honest communication handled? How were men and women treated? What were the roles assigned to men and women? How was trust handled?

    This is precisely why I designed my 8 week program, Foundations of Extraordinary Love™ - to really unpack the reasons BEHIND your current experiences of dissatisfaction - in order to move through them

    People need to look at these messages and look at how that may match up with their current challenges in relationship. Chances are there is a strong correlation. Until we break those cycles, we’ll keep repeating them. The simple nature of seeing it helps adjust the patterning so it doesn’t have as much power over us.


    Living Wholly: What is a daily practice that supports you with attunement with your work personally and professionally?

    Gabriella Taylor: So much of my practice is what I call coming home inside. It’s like coming back to my own lane – ground zero. In this space I ask, “What’s going on? What I am feeling? What do I need? Is there a truth that needs to be expressed? Is there a boundary that needs to be met?”

    I have a very active inner relationship with myself. I have a high level of understanding and connection with that part of myself  - with the tenderness of my personality. I also, have an active relationship with the loving presence in my heart. I try to care for that presence and care for my personality from the love of my soul. It’s like I’m ministering to the hurt parts of me, the forgetful parts of me, from the higher parts of me. I’m in an active relationship with myself on a daily basis. This keeps me grounded and integrated in my experience.

    Living Wholly: What does living wholly mean to you?

    Gabriella Taylor: To me, living wholly is truly about doing my best to share my gifts the way God has intended, to fulfill my soul’s calling and to be a light in this world.

    Not only is this about looking in the mirror and asking, “Where am I out of alignment? Where is there an opportunity for me to grow my congruency? Where is there an opportunity for me to bring more kindness to my interactions?”, it’s also about standing in what is good about me and sharing that goodness with others. Our ego desperately wants to keep ue separate and living wholly is a call to remember who we truly are at the deepest level.

    It’s also, about those moments when I’m not trying so hard to be me, I’m just being me. I experience a sense of softness, kindness, and expansiveness. From that place, it’s easier to look at where I have room for adjustment. It’s a practice in bringing myself into my heart as much as possible.

    Living Wholly: How can people learn more about your offerings and work with you?

    Gabriella Taylor:

    • Please join me on Living Wholly’s “Virtual Speaker Series” on Wednesday, April 25th at 6 pm pst! I will speak about “Seeing Clearly in Relationships: Experience the Intimacy and Connection you Desire”. I will give away a complimentary one hour session to one guest. Every guest will receive a gift from me as well. More details at the link here.
    • Go to to join my 8 week signature online transformational educational program for highly-evolved women seeking relationship success.
    • Come to Aspen Oct 25-28, 2018 for Lead With Love, where I will be a guest presenter, along with Lynne Twist, John Mackey and more. Tickets on sale at


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