Interview with Stacy Tucker

Interview with Stacy Tucker

July 11, 2019

Many understand the idea of emotional and physical trauma, but what about cellular trauma? According to critical care nurse and founder of Almeda Labs, Stacy Tucker, stress triggers the body to get out of rhythm, preventing our cells and nervous systems from functioning as well as they could. And when our cells aren’t getting the right nutrients, we experience cellular trauma. So incorporating strong nutritional programs is crucial. But how do we do that? Enter Almeda Labs. Almeda is a revolutionary nutritional supplement company that is a fusion of wisdom from the East and West, offering effective products that are created using advances in biomedical science, leading-edge research techniques, and ample love.

To understand how to utilize Almeda products, the food we eat, and how we breathe and think to prevent or heal cellular trauma, we talked with Stacy, feeling grateful to tap into her insightful wisdom and coming out empowered to claim autonomy over our health, and lead a vibrant life. 

Interview with Stacy Tucker. 

Living Wholly: How did you get to where you are now? 

Stacy Tucker: Having a mother that was vegan, and had a strong spiritual practice when she was pregnant with me, supported my understanding of nutrition. In addition, her gardening and meal preparation, combined with having a father that was an undercover cop, made my progression into becoming a holistic trauma nurse that uses nutrition as an anchor for healing a natural path for me.

Living Wholly: In your words, what is Almeda Labs and how is it unique in the world of supplements?  

Stacy Tucker: Almeda labs is a nutrition research company. What makes us unique is our ability to bridge ancient wisdom to modern scientific advances. We don’t just create supplements, we actually build nutrition products that help transform people’s health.


Living Wholly: How did your work as a critical care nurse inspire the founding of Almeda Labs? 

Stacy Tucker: My work as a critical care nurse taught me about trauma on a new level - looking at suffering on a daily basis made me realize that a lot of chronic health problems are a result of lacking preemptive care and proper nutrition. By providing nutrition alongside conscious breathing and mindfulness practices, I feel we can help people live longer and healthier.

Living Wholly: What do you find most impactful + healing about the field of nutriceuticals? 

Stacy Tucker: The true benefit of nutraceuticals is that it uses ingredients that our body recognizes, and these ingredients can help in the process of repairing, rebuilding and replenishing (the 3 R’s.)

Living Wholly: What are the prime benefits of fusing evidence-based Western medicine and Eastern health practices? 

Stacy Tucker: This fusion creates health outcomes that create big changes in quality of life. We regularly hear from people about how well they feel after introducing more plant-based whole foods in their diet, and decreasing processed foods. 

The other significant advantage is the ability to incorporate time tested principles of eastern health modalities, like mindfulness, into health practices and food preparations. In the east, food is considered not just fuel, but a source of life - food is essentially medicine.


Living Wholly: How can nutrition help someone heal from trauma?

Stacy Tucker: On pathophysiological levels, nutrition can help speed up the process of recovery and help repair the body at a cellular level. However, in my experience trauma is a multidimensional manifestation, incorporating a mind, body and spirit component. Nutrition can help align not just the mind and body, but through mindfulness practice, can play a huge role in relieving trauma, as it supports on a cellular level, creating more mental clarity and a natural deepening of breath. 

Much of this cellular trauma stems from the stressed out world we live in. Stress triggers the body to get out of a rhythm, so our cells and nervous systems aren’t functioning as well as they could be. So incorporating strong nutrition programs is crucial. When our cells aren’t getting the right nutrients we experience cellular trauma. If we don’t get to the root cause of our trauma, and stay in that perpetual cycle, subconscious trauma and conditioning that’s not real is reinforced.

While having a mindfulness practice, being reflective, looking at our shadows and owning our wounds is important, the nutrition aspect of trauma is not being addressed as much as it should. By not having the right nutrients on board, cells can’t relax and release traumatic stories. So as an acupuncturist, I support with this through a modality called acudetox - it’s a nonverbal form of acupuncture that addresses the primary detox organs in the nervous system. I also weave in the nutrition side of things, creating a beautiful synergy that allows people to release old stories in a way that doesn’t retraumatize the body. 

Living Wholly: Are there specific foods and supplements that support an individual who has experienced trauma? 

Stacy Tucker: I’m a big fan of above ground leafy greens, and colored veggies in nature, as the organic colors are loaded with nutrients that are anti-inflammatory and antioxidant in nature.  Spinach is my all time fave! Supplement wise, I love Triphala to support healthy nutrition absorption and digestion, Sea Moss for its mineral content, and adaptogens like ashwagandha and mushrooms for oxidative stress.  

Living Wholly: What are three of the biggest misconceptions many people have about nutrition?

Stacy Tucker: 

    • Healthy foods are not easy to make and don’t taste good.
    • Nutrition supplements should be expensive.
    • Nutrition doesn’t play a foundational role on a person’s long term health.

Living Wholly: How do you craft products that the human body can process and actually work?

Stacy Tucker: I do that by making them from ingredients which the body can recognize, and incorporating high vibration foods which are attuned with earth and the universe. 

High vibration foods we use in our products include sea vegetables, mushrooms, herbs, and cacao. Above ground fruits and veggies - foods exposed to sunlight - like green apples, burro bananas (nutrient dense), cherries, berries (a fav), nopal (cactus), colored peppers, and spinach are also incredible beneficial. Foods grown in a garden, and planted and cared for with love, are potent with nutrients. 

Living Wholly: What does it look like for someone to replenish their cells?

Stacy Tucker: From my perspective, it looks like eating foods that are alive and support the cell life on the deepest nutritional level, being aware of breath and mindfulness around thoughts and words/sounds that impact the body, loving unconditionally and being present.

There’s a word Ahimsa that means “kindness in your thoughts, words, and actions towards yourself and others” or, “do no harm.” “I love you” is one of the simplest positive thoughts or phrases we can use, as many people don’t hear those words. In addition, listening to music that makes one feel good in the body is another positive language for our health. So words that are beneficial for the body come in many forms, through all the senses. 

Living Wholly: How does Almeda work to find answers to healthcare challenges like hidden hunger, malnutrition and emerging preventable diseases?

Stacy Tucker: We do this by incorporating an east meet west approach - we try to understand the nutritional challenges faced by people across the world and believe that with the right nutritional support our bodies can acquire the building blocks they need to heal and improve well-being through natural processes. We leverage our experience in nutrition, medicine, and science to address adverse health conditions, creating synergistic compounds to help mitigate chronic conditions.


Living Wholly: What is the most basic regimen you recommend for those just learning about the Almeda products?

Stacy Tucker: The Almeda product line is a system, so I recommend starting with Encarna. Encarna is the first step in addressing cellular health and creating an ideal ph environment by providing the minerals and nutrients the body needs to be optimally healthy. Once you have a felt sense of how Encarna makes you feel, layer in Almeda’s super food and adaptogen products, which support organ health and digestion. 

Living Wholly: How do you personally seek and maintain wellness?

Stacy Tucker: I seek and maintain wellness through living a certain lifestyle. I have a morning routine, upon waking up and drinking water, tongue scraping and oral care and make my bed. It sets the tone for the day. Then, I take Encarna or fast, and do some form of meditation, whether it's being quiet and contemplative or walking, to set the foundation for the day. I also try to make sure I’m breathing and being mindful as much as possible. 

I also exercise, strengthening my body through lifting weights and doing yoga. I like to focus on moving my body in a variety of ways. To be integrated and maintain wellness we can’t just do the same thing all the time. I really enjoy lifting weights as I can feel the strength it creates, which helps me feel more embodied. 

But, nutrition is really the foundation of it all. I eat to provide my body with the nutrients it needs to be as vital as possible. When we have the right nutrients and hydration, our bodies have more clarity and ability to make better decisions from an emotionally stable state. I try to wait to make decisions until I’ve reached emotional equilibrium so they can be clear. 

Living Wholly: What does living wholly mean to you?

Stacy Tucker: In many ways, living wholly is what I outlined in my previous answer. When we have a strong mind-body connection spirit is able to come through. I also think that living wholly through my practices outlined above allow life to be lived through me - it enhances my ability to utilize my skill set and knowledge base, and helps me make wise decisions.


If you’re interested in exploring the intricacies of how we can heal cellular trauma through nutrition, and other healing practices, join us on Zoom for a 75-minute LIVE complimentary workshop with Stacy Tucker on Wednesday, July 17th. This unique opportunity will offer tools to not only transform your physical health, but also revitalize the mind and spirit. To join us for this journey into wellness, register HERE to confirm your spot. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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