Ready to transform blocks + shift out of limitation?

Ready to transform blocks + shift out of limitation?

November 09, 2018

Meet Alyssa Nobriga. 

We all have the wisdom, creative wellspring, and courage to pursue our most vibrant goals, but often, there are blocks that cloud our path and make us stuck. The vision of what we want in life may be clear, but the space that lives between us and that vision may feel impossible to cross, as it seems cluttered by these blocks.

Helping us move past these blocks is Alyssa Nobriga, leader in the coaching and consciousness industry, and licensed marriage and family therapist. She obtained her master’s degree in Clinical Psychology, specializing in Mind-Body Psychotherapy from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology and is currently on faculty at the University of Santa Monica where she holds a second master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology, with an emphasis on Consciousness, Health and Healing.  She is a graduate of Byron Katie’s School for The Work, is certified as a success coach and has extensive training in Imago Couples Therapy as well as an advanced certification from the Hakomi Institute in mindfulness-based therapeutic practices.

Alyssa has made it her life’s work to support individuals in recognizing, accepting, and moving beyond unconscious blocks. Her simple, effective formula supports us in questioning misguided assumptions about our lives and selves so we can step into a whole, spirited, and fulfilled existence.

One of Alyssa’s gifts is her ability to shift one’s perceptions in such a profound way that we begin to see our challenges as a type of blessing. A shift that, personally, I would love to make. To dive deeper into Alyssa’s transformational messages, we asked her about all of her insights we were eager to learn more about. Continue reading to experience the complete download from Alyssa.

Interview with Alyssa Nobriga.

Living Wholly: In your words, how are you serving the world and contributing your gifts?

Alyssa Nobriga: I help people create what they want in their life. This often consists of helping to remove unconscious fears and blocks so individuals can gracefully show up for what’s most important and true to them.

Living Wholly: What led you to your work as a Leadership Coach?

Alyssa Nobriga: I’m licensed as a psychotherapist and love that work but I always incorporated more goals into the work since to me a real healing is a change of behavior. I love helping people go to the root of any perceived issue but then, how do they show up to create what they desire as a result is part of what I’m naturally good at and love. Therefore, my work now as a leadership coach blends both soulful and practical work, both transformational and strategic.


Living Wholly: What does living wholly mean to you?

Alyssa Nobriga: Knowing the truth of what I am and living in alignment with my heart.

Living Wholly: How can your greatest challenge be the path to what you most want?

Alyssa Nobriga: When we’re not resisting what is - our current reality - we can meet it. Things can really begin to change when we embrace and allow our challenges - this allows us to hear the wisdom inside it.

My experience with life is that it’s intelligent and loving. When we suspend our judgment about what we’re currently going through, and allow it to help wake us up, our life changes. We can see ourselves as a victim of life, or decide to believe that everything is given to us for a reason. We can also choose to manage outside realities so we don’t feel certain ways, OR we can choose to embrace whatever is happening, and stretch our capacity to feel it, and get free. From that space, our actions are clearer, lighter, and more effective. We just need to get out of our own way.

I help people clear their blocks internally, and then create a strategy that utilizes grace, instead of pushing or willpower – I don’t think that’s needed as much in these times. It’s great to have some masculine sources of leadership, but the feminine – the more intuitive, receptive, and graceful – approach is what I think we’re starting to tune into more. So once we move through this fear, and understand what life wants us to understand, we’re able to move on to the next chapter.  


Living Wholly: What are three tips for getting unstuck?

Alyssa Nobriga:

  1. Awareness of what the subconscious block is.
  2. Acceptance. Often people think that if they judge something they’ll get over it, but instead judgments keeps us locked in it. So acceptance is ironically the way out.
  3. Challenge your assumptions. Be willing to have an experiential point of view about your blocks so that you can discover what’s most effective, and what’s perpetuating the state of being stuck in a certain area.

Regardless of whether you’re stuck around body image, career, relationship, income level, or anything you’re currently challenged with, you can plug in the formula of awareness, acceptance and a willingness to challenge your assumptions.

Living Wholly: How does life begin to shift when you get unstuck?

Alyssa Nobriga: Life’s a mirror. So when you’re no longer living with your perpetual feelings of being stuck you’re likely feeling more creative insight, intuition, and synchronicity, and having new innovative ideas. I completely agree with the Albert Einstein quote, “You can’t solve a problem from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

My Living Wholly webinar will cover how to pop out into a different perspective about your blocks, so that you can gain insight and take creative action from there. Once you get clear about the insight, life feels lighter and we’re able to act differently.

Living Wholly: How do we unlock what our challenges are trying to teach us?

Alyssa Nobriga: We often unconsciously think that what we’re doing is helpful, and once we realize it’s not helpful we can be mindful, highlight what our attachment is to the unhelpful action, and then change it. For example, I’m in a situation where I’m remodeling my house. The contractors didn’t communicate well and I had to look at how I was interacting with them. I had to look at why I thought my anger was going to cause them to change. It’s not necessarily anger that’s going to get them to change. But, anger is what’s hurting me. When I saw that anger didn’t have a purpose anymore, I could show up in a more loving way, but with clear boundaries. I could honor my needs in a more creative way by untangling the belief that anger was the most productive approach.

Living Wholly: How do we use fear so it doesn’t use us?

Alyssa Nobriga: Fear in my opinion, is mind based - and about the future. So if it’s mind based, and we’re creating it, we can question the fear and take dominion over the problem-making mind. The mind is a control mechanism to keep us safe, and we’re at a point where most of us have our basic needs taken care of, but our mind is still set up for survival purposes. So for many of us, our minds have shifted from physical survival to psychological survival – egoic survival. So as we stretch the muscle of questioning our fears and mind based interpretations of the present moment, we don’t buy into the fear as easily.


Living Wholly: What are effective ways we can be with our obstacles?

Alyssa Nobriga: An effective strategy is to accept it and ask, “What’s the greater gift in this for me?” This shifts the perspective to something that is more compelling. Ask, “What is my soul seeking to assist me in learning through this?” Another helpful question, that assists in highlighting the attachment to unconscious blocks is, “What is one fear I have of letting this go?” Then, you have to get mindful and listen to your inner wisdom about the question. Finally, you need to question your attachments so you can break free of it.

Living Wholly: What is a daily practice that supports you in residing in intuition, receptivity and grace?

Alyssa Nobriga: I’m always listening… the more I listen the clear that channel is. One specific practice that can help your community is to keep an intuition log to track how you hear your intuition: auditory, sense of knowing, visually, etc. It’s like a dream journal and the more you put attention on it, the stronger it gets. It also helps build your confidence in your intuition and understand which was of knowing are strongest for you.

Living Wholly: How can people find you and what are your current offerings that are open to the public?

I also have two big things coming up. The first is called Successful + Soul Live January 26-27, 2019 after the Women’s March. This will be a time for women to get really clear on their goals for 2019, and move through their blocks. It will be a combination of strategy and soul. Imagine two days of sisterhood, strategy, celebration and transformation.

In addition, I’m doing a Success + Soul Mastermind. This is a program for women to up-level a goal and have the sisterhood to support that. Create the income and impact you know you’re capable of + claim the life you’ve always imagined. This leadership program was created to support brilliant women like you to breakthrough anything getting in the way of you making great money + sharing your gifts with the world at the level you know you’re capable of.

To learn more about Alyssa’s unique way of blending multiple modalities and life experiences, to support people in moving beyond their unconscious blocks in a soulful and practical way, JOIN US on Wednesday, November 28 at 6.00 pm pst for our "Virtual Speaker Series" LIVE via Zoom. With Alyssa’s guidance we can transform obstacles and shift limitations so we can get unstuck and take the quantum leap all of us are so ready for!!! Register here to confirm your spot. YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS ONE!!! See you on the Zoom!

with great love + respect,

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