Making a list and checking it twice!

Making a list and checking it twice!

December 14, 2018

Tis’ the season to consciously + creatively discover and purchase the ideal gifts for those you love. While this endeavor sounds dreamy, it can easily be fraught with confusion and frustration. So, to simplify your holiday gift exploration, I’ve curated a list of my all time favorite goodies, organized by the types of individuals we’re often buying for.

As I created this list, my top priority was to find treasures that are clean, consciously sourced, healing, non-toxic, and filled with purpose that support a lifestyle of optimum health + expansion. This criterion is deeply important to me because I want to offer a list that inspires the giving of gifts that enhance the life of the recipient, instead of inundate their home with more stuff. I want to support you in offering gifts that bring forward joy, well being and a profound sense of love, in the hearts of your recipients.

Every brand represented on this list was crafted by conscious individuals that I admire and trust, as they are fully committed to walking the talk of Living Wholly – so much so that I use these products and swear by them. This is an intimate collection of treasures that exude ample purpose + heart, while supporting your loved ones in having an intentional + vibrant start to the new year. As they say, the way we end the year is how we begin it.

Cheers to gifts that spark happiness, support clean, lasting self-care, and have exquisite meaning that we never want to let them go! Read on as we break it down for you...


The Yogi:

You know that person who is always raving about how transformational their yoga practice is? That special someone who seems to be in a constant state of Zen because their lifestyle is steeped in the principles of this ancient physical, mental, and spiritual philosophy? They’re your yogi-loved-one who you want to find a thoughtful gift for, but have already given ample mats and stretchy clothes. My selections for this individual, go beyond the obvious, instead eliciting a deep state of appreciation in your special yogi, as the gifts show that you called on your creativity and intuition to select that “just right” holiday offering.

This extra-large, chic and comfortable meditation cushion can easily become your yogi’s go-to station when they’re seeking ultimate relaxation + mental clarity. Whether they only use it for meditation, or also utilize it as a sacred spot to sip on a nurturing tea blend, this gift will not only comfort their body but also enhance the well being of their mind and soul. This gift goes beyond the giving of a physical item, as it offers a prime vehicle for traveling to inner nirvana.

There’s no better way to prime your mind for the transcendence of a yoga practice than witnessing the ethereal flame of a handmade vegan candle that was hand-poured with love, using an exclusive blend of coconut vegetable wax and real clove, cardamom and vanilla essential oils. Making this gift even more mindful and eco-friendly is the fact that the Pure Plant Home candles are packaged in a biodegradable, recycled kraft paper tube with recycled paper labels printed with vegan, plant based ink. Adding to the magic of these clean candles are the women, many of whom are single mothers, who craft them with the intention of creating positive energy, enhanced well-being, good health, happiness + longevity.

As your yogi-love gently drapes this exquisite necklace around their neck, they will absorb a vibrant energy of joy and creativity from the tourmaline. This stunning strand of 108 tourmaline gemstones – all sourced from sacred locations in India - is part of the Sattva Collection, a conscious lifestyle jewelry brand created in Rishikesh, India - the birthplace of yoga. The brand was birthed by the desire to connect wearers with their deepest soul’s wisdom, and empower them to live their most vibrant, expansive life when wearing these objects of beauty.

Adding to the wonder of this necklace is a pendant displaying the Sri Yantra, which is the sign of the Divine Sacred Feminine, and evokes the sacredness of the Goddess-Mother Shakti. Wearing the Sri Yantra allows the unmanifested goddess-power within every woman to move toward full, radiant and joyful expression.

As the yogi floats out of an enlivening yoga practice, their joy will be enhanced as they glide this exotic floral-spicy aroma, composed of Egyptian Rose Geranium, Patchouli, and Australian Sandalwood, across their soft skin. The essential oils in this heavenly blend promote a balance of graceful sensuality, passion and union, while also relaxing and uplifting, soothing and enticing, opening and centering. To heighten the yogi’s intention when using this delicate bottle of alchemic wonder, they should roll it on in the shape of an infinity sign on the front of their neck, wrists and heart center, while meditating on the affirmation, “The Mother flows through me, I am graceful.” Not only will you be giving the gift of an intoxicating scent, created from 100% Certified Organic and Therapeutic Grade ingredients, but the fostering of hormonal balance, thyroid health, and a synergetic connection with the vibrational elements of the planet.

The Traveler:

A constant sense of wanderlust, a burning curiosity to explore the vibrant cultures sprinkled across the globe, and a need to keep life simple so they can take off on a whim, exemplifies the consummate traveler. This adventurous personality often enjoys gifts that transports their senses to wondrous corners of the Earth, or supports them in keeping their skin and body in optimal shape while navigating various climates and jet lag. From sumptuous serums and body scrubs, to aromatic tea blends, we have something that is sure to please the nomadic soul on your list.

A brand that began with two herbalists, a garden, and focus on creating a purely plant-based 100% natural skincare line, free of toxins or synthetic compounds, the Earth Tu Face Voyage! Travel Kit is composed of a face wash, serum, and body butter that creates a wholly nurturing experience for travel-worn skin. With hydrating, sensually pleasing, and organic ingredients such as virgin coconut oil, unrefined cocoa butter, cardamom, cinnamon leaf, hemp seed oil, rose geranium, lavender, palmarosa, ylang ylang, and so much more, your globetrotting buddy will be fresh and glowing, regardless of the point on the planet they’re exploring.

Lovers of both travel and meditation will adore the Satori Meditation Stool, which is compact enough to travel with wanderlusters, whether they’re looking to tune in to their inner magnificence on the shores of Costa Rica, snowdrifts of Canada, or shade of the French Riviera.

According to founder Griff Griffis, the PeaceCuff brand is “A Personal Statement for World Peace.” The five symbols displayed on this cuff will appeal to the worldly spirit of the traveler as they represent the five major world religions - Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam - united in a story of peace. The purpose of using these symbols is to honor the beauty at the core of each icon, focusing on the similarities of the religions rather than their differences. These are truly one-of-a-kind, heirloom gifts as no two cuffs are exactly alike.

It can be all too easy while traveling to be swept away in the desire to see it all, forgetting to slow down and savor the essence of a novel destination. The Tulsi Ginger Om blend, by Naked Sage Tea, promotes presence and introspection, with its soothing tulsi, grounding ginger, and uplifting spearmint, which also serves to infuse any adventure with mind, body, and spirit harmony. Enhancing the benefits of this healing elixir is the organic makeup of all ingredients.  

The Self Care Enthusiast:

It can be tricky to find the ideal gift for that special friend who also seems to be in the know about the latest and greatest self care trends, and only purchases the most pure and effective products. But, luckily for you, I’ve pulled together some of the most innovative and thoughtfully crafted self-care products that take self-care to the next level, and will both surprise and delight the self-care mavens on your shopping list.

A brand that delivers premium, pure, simple and effective quality products, with an unexpected twist, their offerings excite even the most discerning self-care enthusiast. This is especially true of the Zatik Black Seed Supercritical Liquid, composed of cold-pressed Organic Egyptian Black Cumin Seed oil, a seed that has been reported in archaeological sites, including Tutankhamun’s tomb. Modern research has identified phytosterols and the antioxidant thymoquinone in Black Seed oil. Committed to high-quality, organic products - sustainably sourced and powered by the science in nature – Zatik is unique in that it leverages superfoods to maximize their effective healing, nourishing and regenerative properties.

Few things please an individual devoted to self-care more than a nourishing salt scrub. Earth Tu Face’s scrub combines pure salt from the Dead Sea with organic safflower and jojoba oils, in addition to organic basil, lavender, orange, California lemon, and bergamot essential oils, creating an exfoliating blend that leaves skin smooth and hydrated, and the sense of smell merry and bright. As the self-care enthusiast massages this divine elixir into their skin, they will exfoliate, detoxify + hydrate the body, as the sea salt stimulates circulation in the lymphatic system (a key element in combating cellulite!), and the botanical extracts uplift the mood.

The founder of Moon Juice, Amanda Chantal Bacon, who is a world-traveling chef, mama, sustainable lifestyle leader, and passionate food educator, knows that the greatest beauty comes from within. Because of this, their Beauty Dust™ is a radiant edible formula alchemized to expand beauty, luster and glow from within. All your self-care-passionate loved one has to do is add the Beauty Dust™ to nut milk, coffee, tea, hot or cold water, or blend into their favorite smoothie, then revel in their glowing supple skin, lustrous shiny hair and twinkling bright eyes.

Turmeric, the current star of the health care realm, is combined with other healing ingredients, such as ginger, black pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, organic dandelion root, clove and cayenne, in this detoxifying blend to kick wellness into high gear by cleansing the liver, fighting inflammation, aiding in natural and healthy weight loss, supporting joint and muscle health, boosting immunity, and promoting cognitive function, mood balance and radiant skin. What’s not to love? When enjoyed twice a day, this powerful blend can help undo the damage of inflammatory foods and overconsumption of alcohol.

The Host:

Whether it be birthdays, anniversaries, holiday parties, a “just because” Sunday brunch, or a black tie affair, the gifted host on your list pulls off every gathering with grace and aplomb, ensuring every guest feels welcome, cared for, and joyful. What better way to thank them for their endless hospitality than showering them with a high-quality collection of goods that will add simplicity, flavor and creativity to any get together.

At the heart of the most joyful gatherings is good food and drink, which is why Countertop’s Golden Honey is a must-have staple for any gifted host. To create this opulent, healthy sweetener Countertop combines the highest quality of honey with turmeric and cumin. The cumulative effective of these potent ingredients equals balanced blood sugar, improved digestion, the benefits of probiotics and antibacterial properties, the promotion of healthy joints, anti-inflammatory benefits, immunity boosting, beneficial infusions of iron, copper and zinc, and ample detoxifying. These astounding nutritional blessings amplify the virtues of tea, honey toast, baked goods, or any other treat the generous host serves their guests.

An ideal companion of Countertop’s Golden Honey is their festive Chai blend, offering the ultimate seasonal treat for hosts hoping to make the hearts and bellies of their guests nice and toasty. Countertop Chai is filled with spices that both warm the digestive system and add great flavor. Among these spices is cardamom, known as the go-to spice for mellowing out respiratory ailments, colds and flues, and revving up sluggish, unhappy guts, and of course ginger, an all-time favorite. Not only is this Chai blend lovely in teas, but is an incredible addition to baked goods (wonderful in cornbread), porridge and nut butters.

Scent is often one of the first senses stimulated as you walk into a party. Making it easy to ensure guests are met with a delightful aroma is Pure Plant Home’s Mandarin orange and lemongrass-scented candle. This fresh, citrusy party-enhancer is a handmade eco-soy vegetable wax blend pillar candle, with an unbleached cotton wick. As it will burn for 50 hours, this candle will be a charming addition to many gatherings.

Available in rose or black, the design of this sleek glass carafe set design is achieved through the movement of color blown into the glass, a technique that makes sure each piece is truly unique. A one-of-a-kind gift, this exquisite glassware allows a host to elevate their party by decanting water or wine from an elegant and artistic hand blown vessel. Bib & Sola, the brand so skilled at crafting this exceptional product, is proud to offer contemporary and stylish glassware that offers a conscious alternative to plastic.

Mucuna, a bio-available source of L-dopa, is an amino acid that becomes the neurotransmitter dopamine in the brain, promoting happiness and overall well-being. This caramel-tasting bean deftly elevates mood, creativity, libido and sleep patterns, while soothing the nervous system. The delicious flavor, and mind + body + spirit enhancing properties of Mucuna, will almost certainly be a hit at any party than incorporates this extraordinary treat into the food or drink.

The Power House:

They’re always on the go, coming up with innovative ideas, manifesting goal after goal, and supporting those they love in realizing their greatest dreams – they’re the energy-filled power house. As you decide what to give this effervescent spirit, you’ll want to make sure it adds value to their pioneering lifestyle, while also ensuring their whole-being is cared for, preventing burn out. With these factors in mind, I’ve thoughtfully selected my go-to goodies for the sparking Power House personality.

In this life-changing webinar, Jeff Patterson, the Founder of Aspen Success Coaching, M.A., P.C.C., supports fellow power houses in defining their “Big Thing,” and fully going for it. Many of us know what we want to do, but hide and wait for permission or a guarantee that we can have it. But that day never comes (unless the vision is small.) The people that are most alive are creating something, and the greater the endeavor we commit to, the greater the energy and Spirit we summon from within us. Support your loved one in becoming radically alive by treating them to Jeff’s transformational messages.

Abundance, leadership, communication, and nourishment of the Anahata Chakra are all fostered by the regal emerald gemstone, which is sprinkled across this 18 inch necklace that includes the Sri Yantra symbol, set in 14kt Gold. The Sri Yantra, also known as the Cosmic Yantra of creation, is a must-have symbol for any woman at every phase of their life as this graceful and flourishing signet is the sign of the Divine Sacred Feminine and evokes the sacredness of the Goddess-Mother Shakti. Wearing the Sri Yantra in any form allows the unmanifested goddess-power within every woman to move toward full, radiant and joyful expression. This signature piece is a must for the female power houses in your life.

As power houses can easily wear themselves out, it’s crucial for them to have pure, simple and effective products to maintain optimal health. Zatik delivers premium quality supercritical USDA Certified Organic extracts and oils. Their Turmeric Supercritical liquid herbal blend, including Black Seed and Turmeric, is highly prized for its high nutrient content, which includes potent antioxidants. With this product, you can rest assured that you’re gifting a high-quality, organic product that was sustainably sourced and powered by the science in nature.

All you need to do to impress the lucky recipient of this gift is tell them that it’s an enlightening edible formula alchemized to align them with the mighty cosmic flow needed for great achievement - music to the ears of any power house. As an adaptogenic elixir, Moon Juice’s Brain Dust maintains healthy systems for superior states of clarity, memory, creativity, alertness and a capacity to handle stress. Just add to nut milk, coffee, tea, hot or cold water, and you’re well on your way to an elevated state of existence.


The Elf:

After you’ve selected the prime gifts for the special individuals on your list, it can be fun to pick up a few extras for their stockings, adding to the magic of that jolly morning. These one-of-a-kind gifts will easily please any form of personality, as they satisfy the needs of the sense of touch, smell, taste, or sight, which we could all use more of.

This luxurious serum, when applied generously to the hair, body and face, results in an all-day seductive glow, especially if it’s applied alongside the affirmation, “I am the Light of my Soul. I am radiant.” This activated botanical infusion includes coconut oil, rosehip, lemongrass, geranium, frankincense, peppermint, and vitamin E oils, and is the epitome of happiness and joy in a bottle, fostering a luminous radiance, in addition to balance, support and healing to your thyroid and adrenal glands. This Ajai blend allows you to give the gift of a higher consciousness, as it heightens the energy frequency and lifts the spirit.

There are few phrases a foodie would like more than “butter with benefits,” which is exactly what Countertop provides with their vitamin and mineral-rich, organic, clarified butter blended with turmeric, cumin, cardamom, black pepper and more. This is the new, delicious, nutritionally dense cooking oil and meal starter that is guaranteed to excite any avid chef. One of my favorite perks of this tasty product is that is turns the most basic dish into a healthy, good for your gut, delicacy.

For those with dry, delicate skin, this nourishing soap is nothing short of a holiday miracle. Handcrafted in small batches, Zatik’s Healthy Glow Soap is cold processed and contains precious essential oils, mineral rich sea kelp and impurity absorbing charcoal that will remove the skin’s impurities while leaving the it radiantly soft and healthy.

I’m obviously in love with these candles, as they’ve made it on our list a few times, but with good reason! The pure, clean burning nature of these candles is truly impressive, and the Italian bergamot and Persian lime coconut blend is an aromatic blend that will please a wide range of preferences. But beware, the sweet, spicy + citrusy scent combo of this gift is so mesmerizing you may have a hard time giving it away.

As you know, time is moving quickly! Make a list and check it twice. Order by Monday end of day to assure your packages arrive by Friday. No need to stress about things arriving on time. Go ahead, shop now and enjoy the holiday season!

Happy holidays to you and yours. Wishing you all a season of presence, connection and love. 

i adore you,


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