Meet Heidi Stevens, Business + Mindset Coach

Meet Heidi Stevens, Business + Mindset Coach

August 16, 2018

It’s all too easy to forget about the heart + soul of business. Many of us get hung up on the nuts and bolts and lose sight of the bigger picture – we get disconnected from our deeper intention and the essence of what we are creating. But, Heidi Stevens, Business + Mindset Coach, helps entrepreneurs reconnect with the soul of business, and learn how to blend strategy with spirituality.

Heidi has an invaluable gift for taking entrepreneurs on a journey where they discover spiritual alignment and business savvy strategies. This journey helps entrepreneurs shift their business mindset, overcome obstacles, build powerful teams, and attract abundance in all areas of life. We were fortunate to interview Heidi and dive deeper into the magic that lays at the intersection of spirituality and strategy, and how to use both to create the life you most desire.

Interview with Heidi Stevens:

Living Wholly: In your words, how are you serving the world and contributing your gifts?

Heidi Stevens: I’ve always had a knack for business and have been driven to have a successful business. It’s something that’s always come fairly easily to me, and I wanted to help other women build successful businesses, make money, and be empowered. I also help them do this in a way that’s in alignment with who they are. This work is like a dream come true for me.

Living Wholly: What inspired you to start coaching Creative Women Entrepreneurs?

Heidi Stevens: My background is in real estate, so working with creative women entrepreneurs might seem like an odd niche, but what I’ve found is that creative women need my support. These women are so good at what they do, whether they’re stylists, architects, artists, etc. but they often lack a thriving business mindset. So, they need my support and are very open to my holistic approach, specifically around spirituality and shifting that business mindset.

Living Wholly: What is the intention with your recently launched podcast, The Soul of Business?

Heidi Stevens: The podcast is a way for me to share my message, support my community, and grow my audience. I have so much to say and while I love Facebook live, and other mediums like it, a podcast feels like something that everyone is on. It’s a great way for me to get out more of the content I have to offer.


Living Wholly: What teachers have you worked with and/or currently work with to inspire and support your evolution in consciousness?

Heidi Stevens: I’ve been a lifelong learner and have had so many healers, gurus, teachers, mentors, etc. You name it, I’ve done it. My husband used to joke that I had Team Heidi as I’ve had so many people who have supported me in different ways. But, over the years, as I’ve gotten healthier and more in tune with my decisions, I don’t necessarily need Team Heidi anymore.

Although I no longer have Team Heidi, I’m still constantly working with teachers and mentors and specifically seek out people that have a spiritual, personal development mindset background. That’s not always easy to find but I’m dedicated to seeking them out and working with them.

I’ve learned that every relationship is different and that I can’t expect everything from one person. Because of this I invest in a few different people, depending on what I'm needing at any given time. For example, I’m currently in two different mastermind groups. I feel like a relationship with a mentor is very unique and personal and its all about finding the person that best resonates with you.

Living Wholly: In your experience, what is one of the most common reasons that women feel disempowered in business?

Heidi Stevens: At the core, it’s a lack of self-worth and self-confidence. We’re in a time where everything is possible, but it hasn’t been that long that we’ve been encouraged to be entrepreneurs. If our mothers worked, they often worked in the corporate world and weren’t starting their own businesses.

So for many of us, we don’t have anyone showing us the way - we don’t have a roadmap. It can be easy to get stuck in the way things were, and minimize our sense of self-worth by wondering if what we have to say and share really matters, and if we can charge people for that. I think that because [the current landscape of business] is all fairly new we have to be willing to write our own stories and rules - that takes a lot of courage and strength, and can be scary.


Living Wholly: What are three of the biggest blocks people commonly have when birthing a business, and your thoughts on how to work through them?

  • A lack of self worth and self-confidence. A great way to move past this block is to surround yourself with people that believe in what you’re doing and will support and encourage you along the way. Set yourself up for success by the people you surround yourself with.
  • Don’t try and do everything yourself. If you want to start a business it’s going to take some outsourcing and investing in support. It takes a lot to learn how to manage all the moving parts of a new business, which is why every new business requires some start up capital to use for this professional support.
  • Don’t treat your business like a hobby. If you’re only working on your new business on the side, your mindset isn’t going to be 100% dedicated to its success. You need to be dedicated.

Living Wholly: What is one key practice that women can implement to shift their money mindset?

Heidi Stevens: Get clear on what you desire and where you want to go. Answer the questions, “What is the money that I want to make? What is the vibration that I want to feel? Where is the home that I want to live in? Etc.”

Then, spend as much time as possible in that energy field. Ask yourself, “How would I feel if this was already done?” and feel that in every cell of your body. This starts to shift your mind into what’s possible and new ideas for how to make money start to come in because you’re living in a different vibration.


Living Wholly: What are tips for tapping into the energy of receiving?

Heidi Stevens: Everything starts with an intention. So, set an intention of learning to receive and of receiving more often. Receiving is a very feminine, intuitive, and spiritual place to be in, so the more you start to open yourself to the things that you love and the things that make you feel good, and spend more time in your feminine, you enhance your receiving energy.

You should also visualize the things you want coming to you with ease, and be willing to take the action that will get you there.

Living Wholly: What is one recommendation for those wanting to break through limiting beliefs in regards to their business?

Heidi Stevens: When it comes to limiting beliefs half of the process of overcoming them is having the awareness of what they are. We’re often unclear on the content of our limiting beliefs because we’re always pushing them down. Instead, allow these limiting thoughts to come forward and recognize them - let them have a voice and start developing a loving relationship with them. Love on those parts of yourself so they can begin to heal.

Living Wholly: What is a daily practice that supports you with coming back to your center, personally and professionally?

Heidi Stevens: I have four-year-old and a one-month-old so I give myself full permission to not have any set practice that I do every day! That being said, I have a toolbox that I can pull from at any given time. If I find myself feeling off center, I have to remind myself to pull out that toolbox. Then, its up to me to figure out which tool I need to use at any given point, instead of trying to use every single one of them, every day.

My list of tools includes things like exercise, being in nature, mediation, visualization, a bath, journaling, writing affirmations, reading, and spending time with my husband. All these things fill my tank.


Living Wholly: What does living wholly mean to you?

Heidi Stevens: To me, living wholly means living with intention. It’s about bringing awareness to what you’re doing. It’s not about living a perfect life or always being balanced, but making a conscious choice about how you want to live your life.

So, for example, if you’re in a season of being really motivated and inspired and are wanting to put in 70-80 hours per week to get something off the ground, then awesome. But, if you’re in a season of being completely burnt out and need to take a day or a week to unplug, that’s also great. It’s about being in touch with what you need and owning it. Just do you and own it.

Living Wholly: How can people learn more about your offerings, and work with you?

Heidi Stevens: Visit, or connect with me on Instagram at @HeidiStevensInc and on Facebook at @HeidiStevensInc

If you would like to learn more about the magic that occurs when business strategy meets spirituality, and transform your business mindset, tune in to our live call with Heidi Stevens on Monday, August 20, 6.00 pm pst on our "Virtual Speaker Series" LIVE via Zoom. With support from Heidi, we can open our world to an inspiring new realm of possibilities.

Register here to confirm your complimentary spot and receive the pre-worksheet to receive the most value from this virtual workshop. We look forward to seeing you on the Zoom.

with gratitude,

p.s. On the webinar, Heidi is giving away two of her bundles!!! The Money Bundle (a $399 value) includes 16 videos ranging from 5-20 minutes to help you uplevel your vibration around money. In these videos, Heidi takes you through the practical strategies she uses as well as meditations and visualizations to help you get clarity around your money story, let go of limiting beliefs, leave overwhelm and anxiety behind, and attract abundance into your life! 

The Bosslady Backend Bundle ( a $449 value) is a collection of tutorials that will walk you through the exact steps for setting up the “musts” to get your business foundation up and running. This includes graphics for social media, email list tools, funnels end more! No more guessing, no more spending time trying to figure out how to work these applications, no more paying someone else to train themselves. 

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