Morning practice.

Morning practice.

April 24, 2018

The morning sets the tone for the rest of the day, and for me what I do in the morning impacts how I relate to myself, and the people around me. Although I’m not always able to pull myself out of bed at 5:30 am for sadhana, the mornings I do make it happen are just easier.

My commitment to myself is to engage in at least one of the following practices each morning. This can be super early before everyone wakes or it can be after my daughter heads off to school. When I honor this, I find that I experience a divine presence that follows me through the rest of my day, helping me feel more grounded and connected to my highest Self. Oh, and I’m less likely to jump feet first into an argument! My husband is so tuned in to this need that he’ll recommend I go take an hour for myself if he senses my day is getting off to a rocky start. Self care is key for both of us...and everyone!!!

Hiking and yoga are my go-tos when I need to deepen my connection to the life around me - when I need to remember how sacred it is that we’re all moving through this human experience together.

Hiking often makes me think of one of my favorite African proverbs: “If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” I have no doubt that I need others to travel with me on this epic journey, and yet, it sometimes takes a solo walk for me to remember that. So, if I want to go far, I need my morning practice.

Kundalini Yoga is especially supportive and healing for me in the morning, as the blend of physical and spiritual practices help to increase my vitality and consciousness – it makes me feel alive and unshakable! The dynamic breathing, meditation, and mantras support me to attune and deeply connect. Kundalini has supported me with miraculous shifts and it deeply resonates for me.  I also, really enjoy a solid Vinyasa Flow practice. I love to move my body, stretch and sweat. This deeply supports me as I awaken and get quiet while letting my breath move me. Both are significant to my Self Care repertoire. 

Another practice that I love is chanting mantras. Walk into our house or my office at any time of the day and you will most likely hear mantra music playing. Neuroscience proves that mantras can rewire the neural pathways and calm the nervous system. Um, yes please. In the modern world we live in, this is highly supportive. One mantra in particular, Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say Sa So Hung, has been deeply meaningful to me since my firstborn came Earth side. For the first six months, we would sing this every morning as a family in our bed. It was such a beautiful and nurturing practice for us. This mantra is a healing meditation used to pray for healing energy for our friends, family, and ourselves. It’s vibration helps me feel more connected to not only my authentic essence, but the essence of the people I’m in relationship with, and how I can best understand and elevate those relationships.

Meditating supports me in significant ways as well. It helps me drop into my body and tune into my intentions for day. Often, how I’m going to relate to myself, and others, throughout the day is woven into my intentions. So sometimes, I’ll contemplate what I want these relations to look like and allow my mind to begin exploring the endless opportunities in these relationships. When I’ve done this practice, how I relate to others shifts, and mainly because I’ve shifted how I’m relating to myself.

These practices, to put it simply, give me a deeper knowing that it’s all divine and perfect. Life just feels lighter and more doable each time I commit to my morning practice. What are your go-to morning practices? Please share with us!

Speaking of practices that support relationships, I’m excited about our upcoming “Virtual Speaker Series” with Gabriella Taylor THIS WEDNESDAY, April 25 at 6 pm pst. She is truly a master in relationships. During this call, we will explore the many layers of relationships. Gabriella will provide insights, tools and support to begin seeing more clearly in all of our relations. We've created a worksheet that just went out to all confirmed participants in service to getting the most value out of this session. There will be time to share your answers and connect directly with Gabriella Taylor. We will have time for Q & A and want to hear from YOU. There is still time to register and get the pre-work done!!! You do not want to miss this. Confirm your spot at the link here.

Take time for you and the practices that support you each day. Your wellbeing supports your radiant health and uplifts the planet. 

with love and gratitude, 


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