May 07, 2018

The Art of Mothering: To see another, to hold, nurture, care for, nourish, protect, love deeply and elevate.

With Mother’s Day approaching I’ve been exploring the various ways we “Mother”. Many of us mother children, animals, family, friends and special projects. And our hope for all of us is that we are taking the time to mother ourselves.

As a mother to a young child, I experience the more traditional sense of mothering on a daily basis, which has also, created a need to mother myself more steadily. To be able to show up and mother my child with steadfast devotion, an open heart and courage, I must show up for myself in ways that meet my needs and nourish my soul.

So, how is mothering woven into my life?

  • Listening to what I need. I’ve recently been hearing a strong calling to slow down. While I sometimes want to silence this calling I’ve learned that honoring the need to slow down – or listening to whatever it is my core self is telling me I need – is one of the best ways I can mother myself. When I say yes to my needs, I feel even more alive + spacious. I also, feel nurtured, refreshed, and deeply loved. Another benefit of listening to my needs is being able to then mother my daughter in the most clean and conscious way. Instead of pushing my “stuff” on to her, I’m able to step into that role of Mother with a clear vision for what she, as a unique individual, is needing and how I can best honor that.
  • Doing a cleanse. A powerful mothering tool I use for myself is cleansing my body and mind at least once a quarter. When I feel like I need a break from food, coffee, wine, habitual patterns, technology, stress or any of those things that simply aren’t serving me, I commit to a five day cleanse. As I reset myself in this way, I not only feel and see a shift in my body but also experience a clearer mind. I also, reconnect with my authentic desires related to food, drinks and lifestyle. I experience extraordinary clarity and elevation. Is it easy to cleanse? It can be challenging for the first few days as my head is hurting, hunger emerges, emotions run wild, the mind chatters and my body adjusts to eating less solid foods. And after I get through that tunnel, I feel like I could levitate. Worth it, hell yes? By the end of the cleanse, I have a heightened wisdom of what is and is not working for my body and lifestyle. From there, I can effectively adjust what I put into it and how I show up more consistently.

As an early Mother’s Day gift for myself, I started Elissa Goodman’s 5 day SOUP cleanse yesterday. This cleanse serves up fresh, whole, nutrient dense foods with a healthy balance of fats, proteins, fiber, and complex carbohydrates. Included is food you will actually chew and drinks that are enjoyable to consume. This is a gentle cleanse, designed to remove processed foods, added sugars, simple carbohydrates, and unhealthy fats from your diet.  This program introduces super foods, anti-inflammatory foods, and alkaline foods that support radiant health in many ways.

I mean, who doesn’t want to feel empowered, elevate and feel radiant?

  • Knowing that Mothering will look different at various times. As a human who has a life that’s constantly shifting (can you relate?) how I mother myself, and my child, requires regular reassessment. There are endless variables in life such as health, travel, work, aging, a move, and more that call for a check-in regarding how I can best mother. For example, how I mother my daughter and myself might look different when we’re traveling, than how I engage in mothering when we’re home. While there is no perfect formula for mothering, I find that I’m much more conscious and connected to this role when I do regular “mothering check-ins.” Let’s be honest, Mothering is a dynamic endeavor. These check ins can look like sitting in meditation for 5 - 10 minutes asking myself how can I ‘Mother’ most effectively at this time to support and nourish myself, my child and those people + projects I am nurturing?”. I also, inquire through ‘bedtime intentions’ which I talk more about below. I also, check in through journaling and simply writing what is present to have more clarity with how I can best show up. Checking in with myself is a requirement. This empowers me in each moment to be intentional and align with what is.

  • Setting bedtime intentions. It’s easy to slide into bed at the end of the day ready to check out. I’ve found that when I take a few moments to ask for guidance on a particular topic such as my health, Living Wholly, relationships and next steps in various areas of my life - I can optimize the time while I am sleeping. Why not? For me, this is a short and specific prayer. I ask for next steps and clear guidance on that specific area in my life that needs extra support. As I wake in the morning and before my feet hit the floor, I write down what is present in my consciousness. 90% of the time I’ve had very clear dreams and receive exceptional clarity. Give it a try.

  • Honoring the seasons through being in Nature. I revel in the childlike experience of Nature – dancing in rain, playing in snow, surfing in the Ocean (I am very beginner but doing my best to get out there and have fun) and putting my face towards the warm Spring sun. For me, enjoying the seasons through time in Nature is like mothering my inner child – feeding her medicine for the soul. What special spot in Nature is medicine for you? The Ocean? Mountains? Desert? Lush gardens? Rivers? Identify that experience. I encourage you to do that more often!

Depending on who or what you’re currently Mothering in your life, I invite you to enjoy the sacredness of the journey.  Remember that we can commit to and acknowledge ourselves every day for this role we play for ourselves and others. I see you. I honor your devotion. You are pure magnificence.

Happy Mothering to all of us. May yours be joyful, soulful + deeply nourishing.

with love + gratitude,

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“The highest and noblest work in this life is that of a Mother.”

-Russell M. Nelson



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