Music is medicine.

Music is medicine.

June 07, 2019

In so many ways music has shaped who I’ve become. It’s always been a huge part of my life, starting with seeing live music in high school - a near-obsession that continued through college and holds a very special place in my heart today. My mom never really got while I was always going to concerts – but it didn’t matter, it was my thing. When I was in college I used to go all over the place to see Widespread Panic with a group of friends – Red Rocks, Jackson Hole, The Gorge and so on. I remember when the Belly Up opened in Aspen, I had to refrain from going every night to tame my passion for live music. Now, I love going to see Dead & Co. and other talented musicians that drop into the resonance of rock n roll music which makes my heart sing and resurrects my soul. 

I think this love comes from music’s ability to make me feel connected to my creativity, Self and the Divine… it lights me up. As I allow myself to really let the music in, I experience a sense of exultation, escape my armor and leave behind the limiting thoughts in my mind – I’m able to access an elevated vibration. And then there’s the dancing; music inspires me to move my body and tap into my soul’s essence.


While music still plays an important role in my life, my attendance at concerts dwindled when I moved to Los Angeles. I still love the experience, but because it’s not as easy to access live music in LA, as the venues are so spread out, my priorities shifted – and oh yeah, and I had a baby and got married to my husband! At that point, my relationship with music evolved into a passion for mantra music – a type of music that soothes me and gets me into a place of greater peace and harmony.

Mantra music is like a coming home for me, helping me drop into a deep meditative state through the chanting, singing and listening. It’s a real and healing experience, which is why I’m almost always listening to it. The “I am” mantras are especially important for me as they’re all about sound, vibration and the meridians, which all supports my greater healing. This is one of the many reasons I was drawn to the Kundalini teacher training I’m currently in – I wanted to explore the layers of the mantras and discover the science behind them.


Something I discovered in my research was what a significant impact music has on a person's brain activity, so much so that it can help repair brain damage. It’s also been found that music can impact the release or suppression of various chemicals, which can elicit various emotions, pain management and other physiological responses. For example, loud and rhythmic music can increase adrenaline levels – a function that can help keep someone energized while driving or exercising. On the flip side, soothing music can encourage sleep by reducing the amount of noradrenaline (a stress hormone) in the system.

As I contemplate the power of sound and my taste in music, I’m realizing how natural it is for our preferences to evolve as we do. When I’m really tuned in to what’s going on in my life, and how music impacts me, I’m able to pair my life with the type of music that supports what I’m needing. Because of this I’m more discerning now about the music I put into my vessel, being cognizant that certain types of music are jolting for me. I want to only listen to music that makes me feel elevated and supports my wellbeing on all levels. For example, if I’m in an argument, or stressed, I can turn on music and feel better – it shifts me out of my flight or flight mode. It’s one of my most accessible tools and something I find to be very medicinal.

Another enchanting component of music is how it can transport us to different places, depending on the intention of the music. For example, when music is coupled with movement humans can come alive, connecting to every muscle in their body. This is one of the reasons it was so important for me to have The Class by Taryn Toomey present at Attune. The Class has incredible, carefully curated music that’s intended to create a full-on immersive experience.


With all this said, we don’t always need music in the traditional sense to reap benefits. For example, when I go running, I like to turn my phone off and listen to the music of nature. The symphony created by the birds, a breeze kissing the grass, and the other instruments of Mother Nature allow me to be more connected to the healing powers of the Earth, and my true essence – it’s one of the most restorative genres of music I can listen to.

In addition, the idea of attunement is directly related to music, as it focuses on engaging in activities and thoughts that support the “tuning of our instrument.” When we allow the music around us to support the music within us we can tap into a profound sense of harmony that ripples into all aspects of our lives.

Whatever your preferred forms of music, it’s my greatest wish that it helps you come alive and live a life that vibrates at the highest frequency. And as Plato said, "Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything else." 

If you love music as much as I do, you must check out the exquisite + world-renowned musicians we are hosting at Attune in November. We are honored to feature live performances by Aykanna and Donna Delory. To learn more, go to the Attune website for all the deets. Space is limited. This is going to be an extraordinary experience that you do NOT want to miss. See you there!

with great love,


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