Nature as a Teacher

Nature as a Teacher

October 05, 2018

Who is feeling the change of seasons? Not only when you walk outside and feel the brisk air or the peaking colors of the leaves, but also, the inner shifts that are occurring when we slow down and honor what is truly present within. Nature is incredibly reflective of what’s happening in the inner and outer worlds for many people. Change is happening to most everyone I know. It can be very exciting yet it can also, feel terrifying and awkward. The questions that continue coming up for me are “how do you want to show up, move forward, shift the landscape and how do you want to transform your life to better serve you and the planet?” Now is the time.  

Recently, I took a 10 day journey of self care + healing to inspire significant lifestyle changes. Because of a health opportunity, I consciously chose to take this time for myself to get out of the matrix. The journey began with a retreat at Esalen, immediately followed by a week at the Optimum Health Institute. My time at these health oases unleashed seemingly endless opportunities for exquisite awarenesses, synchronicities, connection, cleansing my body and mind, physical + emotional detox and a full reset on every level. I was reminded how powerful we are and the self healing organism that is our human body. I witnessed miraculous testimonials and experienced heroes/heroines taking a stand for their health and shifting diagnoses to utter and complete healing. I slowed everything down and gave myself permission to tune in and honor what feels most aligned for me and my journey.

During this time, I reexamined what slowing down and presence really meant to me especially in the modern world. To me, getting into a space of true presence means I have a revitalized capacity to make inspired choices and changes, as I’m allowing myself to slow down for a long enough period of time to truly listen to what’s calling me. I ask the questions, “Who am I? Why am I here? Am I empowered? What choices do I really feel connected with? What do I really want to create and experience? How can I serve and make a greater impact?” From a place of quietude, I’m able to tap into what feels most aligned and authentically make those self-honoring choices.

I really feel that these insights and my heightened awareness came forward during my time at Esalen and OHI, as they required I step outside of my daily life and routines. I needed a pattern interrupter to have these revelations.

But, when I returned home, I could feel the intentions and commitments moving further away and self sabotage rearing its ugly head. Because I refused to lose what I had gained during this transformational time, I got down to business, and committed to a plan to confidently implement my agreements at home. Once this felt clear, I  began to integrate these practices which continue to be the woven web of my upgraded life. Here are a few that you may borrow or decide to implement forever.

Ways of Integrating:

  • Significantly slowing down my schedule. I’m taking the time to get present and wisely choose how I spend my day. I’m saying yes to less over committing and creating more spaciousness. This offers me time to be with myself, take care of my body + mind, and feel the lightness that comes forward when I have time and freedom to flow.
  • Adjusting my work schedule to support my healing process. I’m currently transitioning from working five days per week to four. Being gentle with myself while deeply knowing this is important for me!!!
  • Going into Alpha (meditation state) at least once per day for 10 minutes.

  • Recommitting to my Gratitude Journal, which consists of writing five things I am grateful for after each day.
  • Journaling every day if possible. For me, this looks like free form writing where I let it all come up and out. Sometimes, I then burn the paper to encourage emotional release and liberation.
  • Making self honoring choices and saying yes to activities that feel expansive, nourishing and supportive for my healing process. On the flip side, I’m saying NO to activities that feel draining, low vibrational and out of alignment.

  • Diving into my emotional work and looking at challenges from the lens of, “What is my soul attempting to teach me? What is unresolved within me that is ready to heal?”
  • Consciously breathing to oxygenate my cells and support them in alkalizing.
  • More SLEEP!!! Going to bed by midnight. I’m then going to shift that goal to going to bed by 11pm. What can I say - I am a night owl!
  • Eliminating alcohol, coffee, gluten, corn, eggs, animal protein, kombucha, carbonated drinks (sparkling water) and dairy for 40 days. Not easy. But so worth it.
  • Drinking 16 ounces of celery juice per day. A bonus of this commitment is how fun it is to juice the celery with my daughter. Giving her the freedom to juice the celery, learn about the benefits of juicing, then make dehydrated crackers from the celery pulp has instilled more joy and fun into our relationship.

Trust me, this is a journey. Like I say to myself often “progress not perfection”. I have my goal of staying on the detox program for at least 40 days possibly 3 months. I acknowledge my commitment to optimum health, clarity and service. This comes when I am on my purest path devoted to myself and the Divine. As my dear friend and teacher, Jeff Patterson, shared with me, as I get closer to my “Big Thing” and living in greater alignment, I am required to transform and grow. I know this and have experienced epic growth over the years. However, I am reminded again and again. In order to accomplish that big thing, I must be the person that I am required to be to embody that deeper calling and vast vision. I am ready and willing. Are you?

Happy Fall season!

With great love + respect,

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