Ready to experience Revelry + Stillness in Equal Measure?

Ready to experience Revelry + Stillness in Equal Measure?

September 05, 2018

How often do adults really allow themselves to play? To dream? To dance? To rest? Not enough. Because of this, I have chills of excitement as I announce a magical retreat that Living Wholly is co-curating + producing with Nicola Behrman from 7-OM. This will be a delicious + luxurious 4-day retreat for those wanting to dive into real rest, revelry and stillness at the majestic Ojai Valley Inn, October 10-13, 2018. Nicola is the Resident Energy Alchemist + Shamanic Healer at the Ojai Valley Inn. She is a world-renowned and highly sought-after Spiritual Sage, Energy Alchemist & Guided Meditation Teacher who inspires individuals and communities to bring forward their most authentic and luminous selves, while helping them to remember their own inner magic. She hosts an annual retreat at Miraval International where she has hosted the most oversubscribed and popular events in their history. To be in her presence, is a vibrational attunement and upgrade. This is an amazing opportunity to connect to the heavenly realms through her. Nicola believes that when we release our need to prove ourselves, or “force” our lives, and instead, allow ourselves to just Be, everything in our external realm becomes simpler and more graceful. She supports individuals in remembering this truth in the most loving and light-filled manner. She is a true gift to this world.

Nicola aptly named her event “The Most Delicious Retreat There Ever Was”, as attendees will dance, dream, journal + rest in transformative locations such as Mary Magdalene’s Pergola + Garden at the Ojai Valley Inn, adventure to a secret location in Ojai called Rose Valley, and immerse into Hanuman Gardens while savoring luscious meals and experiences along the way. This is the epitome of a life-changing opportunity, as it will help to restore the body, awaken the creative forces in the mind, and light the spirit with a radiance so bright you’ll revel in your newfound glow. One of Nicola’s dreams for this experience is that in the days, weeks, and months that follow, participants will begin to notice their dreams manifesting, and serendipity kissing their lives in the most extraordinary ways. And of course, their hearts will be more willing and able to dance in endless joy and fun.

The curation + production of event experiences such as this, is a unique offering from Living Wholly that we are deeply excited to embody. We work with private clients to offer our expertise and extensive experience crafting the most exquisite gatherings such as this. With 15 years in event production and partnership management experience, we've curated highly intentional and thoughtful events for many private clients that have supported their brand development and increased their follower engagement.

Nicola Behrman, from 7-OM, is an ideal model of the clients we support – clients who have a vision to inspire and elevate the planet – as they value the magic that occurs during collaboration. Because there are a profound amount of details and logistics that go into the process of curating a meaningful event, we support our clients with insider tips, templates and tools that simplify and facilitate the extraordinary journey of fulfilling their vision. The events we help these clients manifest - experiences such as The Most Delicious Retreat There Ever Was –support to foster human connection and upliftment, while filling attendees with much needed inspiration, vibrancy, and empowerment.

To learn more about The Most Delicious Retreat There Ever Was and join us in October 2018, please send us a message or visit here for more details.

To inquire about Living Wholly’s event consulting services, start here. Feel free to message us for more details.

Come see us in Ojai in October! We'd love to spark magic with you!!!

with joy + inspiration, 

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