April 16, 2018

Relationships are everywhere. We experience them with our spouse, children, colleagues, friends, family and many others. They can be one of the most joyful and profound aspects of the human experience, but, they can also be fraught with challenges and huge question marks. That harmonious, fulfilling, and expansive connection many of us desire often seems to live on the other side of confounding barriers. For me, one of the most helpful ways to begin dissolving these barriers is to explore how I want to show up in my relationships, and what needs to heal or shift in order for me to do that.

So, let’s start exploring...

What if…your relationships catalyzed you into greatness?

What if…you and your partner were a safe space and loving mirror for one another?

What if…an enhanced experience of relationship was available to you and could give you the wings to soar?

Gabriella Taylor, the next speaker in our “Virtual Speaker Series,” is a Professional Relationship Coach, Minister, and Creator of Extraordinary Love™, will guide us through a conversation focused on relationships. She will support us in experiencing the quality of relationships we deeply desire.

In preparation for this special call, Gabriella offered these “what ifs” stem sentences with me that I felt called to share with you...

What if… you pulled your power back into yourself and focused on growing your own sense of empowerment and self-awareness, instead of focusing on what your partner is doing?

Pointing the finger is a pattern I’ve noticed in my personal life, and universally. Placing the blame on someone else is an easy way to escape responsibility in the moment, but ultimately, does little for the health of a relationship. So, instead of taking this easy way out I’m learning to tune inward when I’m triggered by something my husband or any person I am in relationship with and honor that 99.9% of the time it is a mirror for what’s going on inside of me, and a mirror for how I do or do not show up in my life.

In these moments, I’ve begun to ask myself, “What is present? What do I need to feel better?” I then allow myself to feel my emotions and honor what I’m moving through. This process supports me in taking back my power and becoming the master of my experience.

What if… you could get to the heart of the matter and reveal what needs to be revealed, heal what needs to be healed, and open your eyes, mind and heart to a new possibility of love?

This “what if” makes me think about the portion of my interview with Gabriella where she spoke about the importance of developing an awareness of the “Intimacy Model™” we grew up with. This model can be explored by asking ourselves the questions:

What did I see in relationships when I was growing up? What was modeled? How were feelings handled? How was affection handled? How was honest communication handled?

Reflection on my Intimacy Model™ supported me in committing to the truth that everything is in service to my own healing and growth. So, when I am upset in my relationship, I ask myself, “What is the trigger?” I dig deep, go into my inner process, and take care of myself by practicing yoga, going for a walk, meditating, chanting, breathing, calling a conscious + elevated sister for support, reading an inspiring book, or doing something to redirect my focus so I don’t get stuck in my upset. I do whatever it takes to get back into my heart and open to the love that is all around me.

What if… you felt more connected, resourced, and grounded within yourself?

An essential part of my ability to feel more connected, resourced, and grounded is my morning spiritual practice. I wake up at 5:30 AM, meditate, chant, and move my body for an hour. Kundalini yoga is especially supportive and healing for me during this time, and the mantras are grounding as they rewire the neural pathways and help me feel more connected.

What if… I learned more effective communication skills?

Learning to effectively communicate has been a significant part of my healing journey in this life. It has not always been easy for me to express myself and was an area of intensity when I was growing up. In fact, I haven’t felt safe communicating for most of my life. But, with the support of Gabriella Taylor I am learning ways to effectively communicate in all of my relationships.

What if… I released the past?

While there are many schools of thought on releasing the past, I believe that it is key to getting our power back. Part of this process is intentionally feeling the emotions that are repressed deep in the unconscious so they do not unexpectedly surface and trigger imbalance + dis-ease. Kundalini yoga can be a highly effective tool in this journey – the advanced technology of the kriyas, mantras, and meditations are powerful and I utilize them as much as I can.

These ‘what ifs’ allowed me to take a deep dive into my relationships, and enhanced my desire to go even deeper. It also, made me realize how crucial it is to have expert and compassionate guidance as I peel back the layers of the human experience. Whew, we are on a journey my friends. When the path of awakening is chosen, I find it necessary to have greater levels of support.

That being said, I am so excited to share time with all of you and Gabriella Taylor very soon!!! I hope you can join us next Wednesday, April 25th at 6 pm pst as she guides us deeper into this transformative and healing journey. Mark your calendar and register here. See you on the Zoom!

with love + humility,

"What bonds us together is a deep soulful yearning for partnership beyond your wildest dreams. We long for an experience of soulful companionship, to walk side by side with a man/woman, fully at ease and giving of ourselves freely while maintaining an intact sense of self. We recognize that the old model of relationships, where we would literally lose ourselves in love, which is filled with drama, blame and pain, no longer serves us." by Gabriella Taylor


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