February 04, 2018

Millennials are harkening back to simpler days and creating communities on farms, surrounded by nature’s bounty and benefits. These neighborhoods are being coined as "Agrihoods" and popping up across the country. In December, I had the opportunity to visit Serenbe, one of the leading "Agrihoods" and dubbed “a utopian experiment in New Urbanism” by the New York Times.

Imagine living in Nature with walking trails connecting the homes, businesses and the community peppered with animals thriving and waterfalls flowing. I had the privilege of jogging along these trails each morning experiencing the beauty and gift that is Serenbe. I was born and raised in Alabama. My husband, daughter and I traveled to the South to spend the holidays with family + friends. We had the blessing of stopping at Serenbe for a few days to nourish, ground and enjoy this special property to start the holiday festivities. The minute we arrived, I could feel the sacredness of this land. This place is a progressive community connected to Nature on the edge of Atlanta. A neighborhood full of fresh food, fresh air and focused on wellbeing. Serenbe has been featured on NBC NewsForbesMartha StewartHuffington PostBusiness Insider and more. Serenbe is a living experience steeped in it’s four pillars - arts for inspiration, agriculture for nourishment, health for wellbeing, and education for awareness. 

To my surprise, a generous care package of Bamboo juices awaited us upon our arrival. For me, that was A+ as these juices flooded our bodies with nutrients the entire time we were there. Bamboo Juices is a Farm to Bottle juice company. All hand bottled at Serenbe. Bamboo utilizes organic ingredients and the highest quality products on the market to maximize the nutritional value of each juice. Ingredients and combinations used for each drink are carefully crafted so that each juice, almond milk and elixir shot is more than a drink, but a health tonic. After drinking the juices and experiencing an impressive kitchen tour at their HQ, I ordered a dozen to take to Alabama for the holidays. Think Raw. Organic. Cold Pressed. and ZERO WASTE. Did I mention that Bamboo gives back 1% of ALL sales to a non-profit working to preserve and protect our planet? Yes, they do. Thank God for those juices. Pure medicine in every way.

Let me be clear - Serenbe is NOT only for Millenials. In fact, the community is developing across all age groups + demographics. This includes professionals that desire a second home outside of Atlanta or other cities, a holiday home, investment property and retirees are flocking to Serenbe. This community is set amongst acres of preserved forests and meadows with miles of nature trails. No matter the season, something is always happening at Serenbe. Experience everything from gallery exhibits and artist lectures to world-class dinners and outdoor concerts. Or simply stargaze on a rooftop garden or near an outdoor fireplace. We all fell in love and felt deeply rooted throughout our experience at Serenbe. Explore more about Serenbe here.


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Sending you so much love and gratitude,

Jenny + the Living Wholly team

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