Telltale Signs you are close to your Big Thing

Telltale Signs you are close to your Big Thing

October 23, 2018

It makes me feel alive. It gets me up in the morning + I feel purposeful. It brings me closer to God. I get butterflies when I talk about it. It reminds me of why I am here. It’s my “Big Thing”. My good friend, teacher and the upcoming speaker for our Virtual Speaker Series, Jeff Patterson, M.A., P.C.C., Leadership and Success Coach, has helped me realize how moving towards my Big Thing with determination, grit, devotion and faith will unleash the real me. This realization has been a huge part of my journey for 2018. My process involved honing in on what I enjoy doing the most, giving myself permission to slow down and listen, inquiring within on how to serve in the most purposeful and meaningful way, and finding a semblance of balance as I honor what’s important in my life.

After moving through this year of transformation (which is not over yet), I was able to allow the clarity to come through. This Big Thing feels like somewhat of a secret at the moment. So, I am not going to fully reveal it just yet. However, I will tell you that it’s been in the works for many years, decades in fact. After working in high end fashion, event production, brand consulting and wellness, I began to notice the things that I enjoyed and the areas that I thrived. This is actually, how Living Wholly was born. As they say, every step leads you to the place you are right now. Take two, many years later, I am creating events for Living Wholly and multiple private clients. I finally realized that I wanted to have the freedom to create and fulfill my vision of a unique, highly curated, multiple day and immersive experience under the name of Living Wholly. Well, there lies the secret...Take three, I was at Esalen about a month ago lying in the grass hanging over the Pacific Ocean with my eyes closed in a very relaxed, open and receptive state. The download flooded through my entire being. It kept coming. I lie there and the vision felt familiar. However, this included specific details, direction, focus and confirmation. As I lay in the grass, I had a palpable experience of a “download”. It was real and it was clear. I am going to give you a taste of what I am referring to and the full download must come later….For now, this “Big Thing” is called Attune by Living Wholly. This is an exquisite weekend filled with inspirational speakers, unique + immersive experiences, human connection + practical tools to support the journey of greater awakening. All of this will take place at Serenbe, a mystical, urban utopia set amongst acres of preserved forests and meadows with miles of nature trails. Just wait until you experience this soul nurturing location where the quietude soothes and the land nourishes.

I was born and raised in the South, therefore, this part of the United States holds a special place in my heart. After curating + producing multitudes of events in Los Angeles and a few in Aspen, I am ready to serve more people that are ripe, ready and hungry for these resources. I knew that this was one way that I could be of service to a large audience and make a meaningful impact. I also, acknowledged that it would require me to fully step into the wisdom, courage and expression I want to share with others.

In Jeff Patterson’s interview on our blog, he talks about the 5 telltale signs that indicate you are working towards your “Big Thing”. As we are always honing in on what we teach...these things keep coming up in substantial, and sometimes overwhelming, ways. Check these out and see how they resonate for you and possibly your Big Thing...

  • It scares the sh*t out of me. My heart is yearning to do it, but I often think it’s impossible.

    Yup. Most days, Attune scares the sh*t out of me. Doubts about the event, and my capacity to handle it all, pop up every day - it feels like a lot. The finances. The time. The confirmed participants. The brand partners. The speakers. The collaborative process. A lot. I’m also, scared that I’m going to put so much into this that I burn myself out. I need to keep an eye on that, making sure I stay healthy and committed to sleep, good eating habits, and check myself when I go into high stress mode whilst striving for perfection (which is a significant healing opportunity that I am currently working with).

    But, when I take it one step at a time I shift back into calm and clarity to realize that, despite the seemingly endless obstacles, I’m moving closer to this reality. I know that it will happen if I just keep moving forward. Attune has been in my heart for so long – I have to do it. And I will. I can’t even imagine what it will feel like when it happens – I suppose it might feel like a mix of bliss, shock, expansion and unfathomable gratitude.

    •       I can’t always see HOW to accomplish it.

      Seeking an investor. Curating and confirming the most aligned speakers. Getting people to show up. How am I going to do this? I have experience with all of this. Yet, it still feels ginormous. I can’t get stuck in the worry that emanates out of these questions – I have to hold steady in my intentions for this gathering and continue taking the little steps that will reveal how it will all come together.

      I have to trust. I have take action. I have to follow up. And then I have to let go of what’s not working. Surrender to the journey.  

      And again, I need to keep showing up for myself during all of this – I am going to sleep by 11pm, I am committed to my morning sadhana, I am following through with the detox program as my body heals, I am doing the inner work, I am devoted to my self care and I am getting quiet, listening and honoring what is coming forward. This IS THE journey.

      • It’s bigger than me. It demands support from my spiritual community, my team, and my family.

      All of the people surrounding me are integral pieces to the Attune puzzle and have been showing up to support me in many ways. And, my community has been stretching me. For example, a while ago I told a friend that I wasn’t going to do the event - she promptly responded, “No. You’re doing it. This is in your heart. You have to do it. You cannot give up this easily” She was right and she stretched me outside of the limited mind.

      Additional support is coming in the form of a yoga teacher training I recently started - I know it will help to elevate and align me. It will accelerate my healing and expedite the growth that I am ready for. And, I might also get a coach to help me stay in my power and stay committed. We’ll see. One step at a time.

      • It will trigger deep fear and unresolved material from the past. It brings up the things that are getting in my way.

      Without question. This is true 100%. My deepest fears and unresolved material are showing up all over the place. One of my biggest fears is that people will not show up for me, which is ironic in that I’ve made a career of producing events, and have the dream of producing an epic gathering with 1000+ attendees. During past events I’ve produced, it was almost painful to go through the experience of confirming guests, or having a lull in sign ups. It was intense. But, I’m realizing how crucial it is to let that go and rewire how I perceive this process. It’s a healing opportunity to trust that people will show up for me. And it is quite beautiful to experience a SOLD OUT event packed with radiant humans like 95% of the gatherings we've curated through Living Wholly. I am rewriting that story. I am rewriting the belief around whether or not I’m good enough, or worthy enough, to produce an event as big and impactful as Attune. It’s humbling asking myself if I’m really worthy of that much creativity, expansion, service, joy and success. I’m working my way towards a resounding yes.

      • It requires me to transform and grow. I have to become the person I’m required to be to accomplish my Big Thing.

      A huge component of my transformation and growth is happening now. My health opportunity is calling me forward to clean up and wake up even more. One must be ready to become their best + highest version in order to actualize the Big Thing. The trickiest part might just be allowing myself to receive authentic success - I can’t shut down or block it. I can’t let life choices like staying up late, engaging in negative self talk, surrounding myself with unsupportive people, eating foods that don't serve me and drinking wine – things that I needed to take a break on or drop all together – block me.

      I’m being stretched and encouraged to utilize new forms of self-care that facilitate the accomplishment of my Big Thing. Is it scary AF? Y E S!!!! But, I’m also allowing softness to be part of my experience. I don’t have to make rigid shifts. I just need to weave in self-care that brings forward joy, let’s me have fun, feels vibrant instead of dull, and creates a channel for my complex and abundant emotions to move through me.

      Easy right? Um, no. But, completely worth it in a profound, expansive and life-altering way. As Jeff Patterson has reminded me, if these elements are showing up, I’m on the right track. And often, the more difficult these elements are, the more effective they’ll be at guiding me towards the realization of my Big Thing.

      And how about you? What Big Thing are you summoning the courage to birth? Want to dive in and take the next steps to fully committing to that thing? Want to learn from an Expert that works with clients to create breathtaking results in life and business. From CEO’s to celebrities and world champion athletes to change makers, Jeff helps his clients create a vision for what’s possible and overthrow the tyranny of limiting beliefs that often have people play small. If you’re saying YES inside, we invite you to join us this Wednesday, October 24 at 6 pm pst as we feature Jeff Patterson, M.A., P.C.C., Leadership + Success Coach on the Virtual Speaker Series. This is a FREE offering. We will go LIVE on Zoom for 75 minutes. There will be time to share, ask questions, experience laser coaching with Jeff and engage as a group. We will send you a worksheet 24 hours prior to the webinar to get you into the mindset, all in service to receiving the most value possible from this experience. AND, Jeff will be giving away one 30 minute coaching session with him. Valued at $1500. Trust me, you are worth it and so is your Big Thing. Register to confirm your spot here. See you there!

      With humility and gratitude,

      p.s. More details on Attune coming at the beginning of January 2019. Be on the look out and join us for this extraordinary experience!!!

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