August 22, 2018

Tenacity: The quality or state of being persistent. Strength of purpose, resolve, staying power, and patience. (Merriam-Webster definition.)

A dear friend once told me that being an entrepreneur takes unwavering tenacity. That was the one word she encouraged me to hold in my heart as I continued on the journey. Thank Goddess. Over the years, I’ve called that superpower forth not just once but multiple times daily.

I used to think tenacity was primarily related to work and there were subtle layers of resistance in there. The truth is that tenacity is staying power, persistence and strength of purpose defined in the dictionary. A recent “health opportunity” aka health issue has shifted my personal definition of tenacity. Most recently, I forgot about applying that translation to my wellbeing...my ENTIRE  being. It was like the true sense of the word, tenacity, for the crevices and depths of my well-being could only be applied after all the work boxes had been checked off. Well, that’s changing.

I’m currently navigating a health situation that is still filled with unknowns. But, one thing that is certain is that I will be tenacious in my mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. I have a whole-being resolve to step into vibrant health and wellness and will do whatever I need to do to get there. It may look like resting more than usual versus getting up and going on a super early hike. It may mean drinking lots of wheatgrass and juicing my own juice versus complaining that we don’t have a Moon Juice in Ojai. It may look like slower walks in the Nature Preserve versus trail runs. It may include more time swimming in the watering holes, going to the hot springs, playing guitar, posting up at the beach and more picnics in the park. I might even bike more often to fulfill that sense of child-like joy smelling the fragrant of citrus. I am slowing down. I dream of enjoying the quietude, immersing into Nature and presencing myself to the flow that wafted me into this vortex of Ojai in the first place.

Oh and did I mention giving myself permission to say no to personal and professional obligations that don’t feel in alignment. This one is key to fully embracing the present moment trusting that this curve ball could end up being a home run if I allow it to be. This is tenacity.

I’ve made the commitment to continue putting one foot in front of the other with my health, work, and relationships. But, these steps will be slower. They won’t be hurried or rushed through as I often experienced in the past. I will tenaciously slow down and create clear boundaries, I will tenaciously honor my intuition, and I will tenaciously take a stand for myself.

This realization – that tenacity and slowing down could go hand in hand – kind of blew my mind. It awakened my awareness of the magic that occurs when a gentle and balanced tenacity is applied to life.

Here are some ways I’m going to work on bringing more of this magnificence into my life. Thank you, Heidi Stevens, our featured guest on the “Virtual Speaker Series" on Monday for a few of these reminders.

  • Taking 3 deep breaths to tune into inspiration before I engage in any task.
  • Getting quiet and listening to what would be most supportive for me when I have the urge to bail on something.
  • Trusting my body when it tells me to put work aside and rest.
  • Letting go of perfectionism and trusting divine timing.
  • Remembering that the slower I go, the more I get done. When I’m moving too fast, I miss details, I am not as intentional which means the less I get done.
  • Becoming really clear on my intentions with other people and myself.
  • Create + state affirmations that rewire my neuro pathways
  • Standing up for myself and creating clear boundaries.
  • Having the courage to honor who I authentically am and being okay with that - even if I experience occasional backlash.
  • Surrounding myself with people who see me, honor me and inspire me. They have tenacity and I am inspired by them.
  • Being unapologetic about my deepest desires.
  • Remembering that my value is not based on how much I achieve. I’m valuable just by showing up.

And I will. I will continue to show up. I will continue to be tenacious in stepping into the practice of living a whole, vibrant, and grace filled life. And for now, my steps will be slow, because that’s what I need and deeply desire.

I have an exciting sense that this slow tenacity is going to help me answer the questions, “Who do I want to be remembered as?”, “Do I want to thrive or suffer” and “How do I want to experience my life?” then live a life that reveals my answers. Join me for the journey? We are all in this together.

With humility + trust,

all photography by Kelley Raye.

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