The Art of Unplugging.

The Art of Unplugging.

August 10, 2018

I recently made a commitment. I committed to taking off numerous days at a time, during my vacation to the southeast coast, to unplug, connect with my daughter + family, and practice the much-coveted skill of being in the present moment. And then, I promptly broke that commitment.

As an entrepreneur, I’m responsible for keeping the momentum going for numerous manifestations of ideas, visions + intentions, and fully unplugging for more than 24-hours just wasn’t happening. But, the desire was still there – the desire to let myself be on vacation, in the truest sense of the word. One that seems to be a rarity for most entrepreneurs.

So, as I write this enjoying the summer, I am playing around with the fine art of balance - the fine art of honoring both my personal and familial needs, and the needs of my business. And it isn’t easy, y’all – but it’s worth it.

One of my biggest breakthroughs during this journey into vacationing (real vacationing!) is realizing that it’s not “all or nothing.” I can commit to shorter bouts of time to fully be in the present moment, to hang with my daughter, to play in the ocean – even if it’s just for four hours. I can do that.

And that’s a truth for so many of us, isn’t it? No matter how much we want to drift off into a blissful work-free zone for days at a time, there are often some essential to-dos that just won’t go away – they must be seen and honored. But, in between those essential to-dos you can totally give yourself permission to turn off your phone for a few hours, say yes to an afternoon at the spa, or go for a drive with no destination. As Anne Lamott says so truthfully "Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes including you." Personally, I need more than a few minutes but sometimes even that pause to get quiet is exactly what we all need at the very least.

We deserve these mini-vacations - we need them - especially as summer prepares to fade into fall. And, these mini-vacations can range from a few minutes sipping chilled tea and sitting in nature, to exploring a new land over a long weekend. Don’t let this fun and liberating season of summer pass you by without actually experiencing fun and liberation. Here are a few ideas to inspire you...

Sitting in silence. It’s often tricky to switch from work-mode to play-mode, and vice versa. To support these transitions, sit in silence for a few minutes and visualize your mind shifting into the space that is best aligned with your next endeavor. It supports me to chant a mantra which allows the mind to quiet. Mine is Sat Nam. Another great mantra is So Hum. Repeat a mantra that resonates for you over and over and experience the thoughts dissolving.

Breathing in essential oils. Essential oils are like magical wands that can tap you with rejuvenation, inspiration, creativity, physical relief, passion, and so much more. Make a “magical toolkit” by purchasing your favorite essential oils. Then, when you’re in need of whatever it is that a certain oil promotes, put a drop or two on your pulse points, or in an essential oil diffuser, close your eyes, and allow the scent to transport you to where you need to go. I often use the Radiance Alchemy Activated Roll on Essential Oil Fragrance and it never fails to balance my emotions and fortify peace in my body.

Watching a candle. I often find that one of the surest ways to awaken awareness and connection to my soul is by lighting a candle and simply watching the flame. This has become an especially transformative ritual since I started using the clean + lovely Pure Plant Home candles. They are deeply healing + medicinal while applying this highly meditative process.


Treating yourself to a picnic. Take advantage of the fresh foods, warm air, and vibrant foliage of the summer by packing up an assortment of delicious treats and heading to your favorite nook in nature – even if that’s a rooftop garden in the city! Invite a few loved ones, or use this as an opportunity to take yourself on a date.

Cooling down with iced tea. Heat often ignites the fire within, and my my has it been hot this summer. So, to cool off all your layers, brew some tea, let it cool for half an hour, mix with ice, and sit back to enjoy. Naked Sage Tea (especially the Tulsi Ginger Om blend) is my go-to when I’m craving some cooling and divine ingredients.

Getting away for a few nights. Kick your vacation-mode up a notch by selecting a somewhat-nearby destination you’d love to explore, and going there. Even if you just have two nights to get away, a change in scenery can open your mind to fresh ideas, your heart to deeper wells of love, and your body to the blissful feels that accompany relaxation and exploration.


I recently saw a holistic doctor that reminded me that these types of choices – choices that allow us to honor our need for self-care – take us into the feminine. Awakening our feminine, whether we’re male or female, makes it easier to unplug and enjoy the true essence of summer vacation because it allows us to live from our heart, awakens our creativity and offers the ideal space to receive grace, healing, and a lovely sense of flow.

I’m feeling a tingle of knowingness that allowing myself to take these mini-vacations while I’m on my big vacation, and fully embracing my feminine energy, will prevent me from returning home feeling like I need another vacation. Can anyone relate or desire to give this a try with me?

with permission + love,

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