The Body's Innate Wisdom

September 25, 2018

My body very often serves as my compass. When I am seeking answers and trying to find the direction towards alignment, in whatever I’m facing in life, my body’s wisdom provides the answer. Our body memory is exquisite and stores every single thing we've ever experienced which feels intricate and daunting at the same time. However, it is true. The body knows. If you are open to having it as you best ally, it will serve you ten fold. For example, I’ve recently been searching for a western doctor that I trust and connect with to give me the allopathic perspective for the health opportunity I’m navigating. I wasn’t having much luck with with the other two doctors that had similar approaches and very little willingness to listen to my needs and desires for my body. I tuned into this and was bummed because I knew these weren't the ones. I knew there was someone aligned out there. A dear friend recommended I see a 3rd doctor which felt excessive but necessary. He came highly recommended by many respected friends. I finally spoke to his assistant and immediately my body was lit up and circulating yes. So, I booked the appointment. The moment I walked into the office my body gave me a clear yes. Everything in the office was visually stunning, but more importantly, my body felt the super high vibes in the space. The staff, nurses and the doctor enhanced this experience, making me feel safe and heard.  

In the offices of the other doctors I visited, I had sensed my intuition whispering to my body that I hadn’t found the right fit yet. By listening to my body and trusting myself, I found my way to a fresh medical perspective, and someone that was more aligned with what I was intuitively feeling about my health. The answers I received from him resonated so deeply and I trust him. To bridge the western model and the holistic path has been a tricky journey for me. It has taken great courage, clarity, acceptance, follow through and acknowledgment of MY soul’s unique journey. Both perspectives are valuable and necessary, in my opinion. For me, I need it all to land inside of myself so that I feel a HELL YES not just a “maybe this could work” kinda feeling.

Sensations in our body do an incredible job of guiding us through this journey if we cultivate specific ways to tune in and listen while interpreting those signals. For me, when I feel good in my body when making a decision, I know that I’m being led towards the most aligned choice. When I feel that my body is being pulled towards joy or peace, I do my best to move in that direction. When I am feeling low or dark energy or the situation seems chaotic, I question the experience and the choice. The word that embodies all of this is discernment. It is so crucial that we discern in everything that we do. That we slow down long enough to get quiet and listen to our inner knowing. From there, we can discern every decision...even the food we eat, the music we listen to, the people we work with, friends + family we spend time with, the work we do and the list goes on. It is all interconnected and it either elevates us or drains our energy.

To make it as easy as possible for my body to talk to me in this way, I’ve begun adopting certain practices to ensure I’m able to receive these potent visceral messages.

  • Asking the question. When in doubt, I ask my Higher Self a question and slow down, listening and feeling into what is present in my body.
  • Decoding the answer. The sensations that begin blooming in my body and mind after asking the question are often very light or noticeably heavy. If I feel the heaviness and jitteriness of anxiety, that often means I need to press pause on whatever action or decision I was asking about. If I feel nothing, I will slow down and ask again. I take this as a sign to hold steady and just wait for more clarity. It will come. When I feel lightness, peace, excitement, tingling, and joy inside - it is a HELL YES!!!

  • Being patient while I listen. When I’m not immediately given a clear yes, and instead feel the sense that I need to pause and listen, I often need to deepen to give myself that time and not make a rash decision. Sometimes, this waiting and listening period reveals a fear that is holding me back from saying yes to something that will really serve me – maybe the fear is blocking growth and expansion. To clarify whether I’m experiencing fear that I need to move past, or a clear no - free form writing supports me in accessing my heart’s truth and that almost always gets the words on the page including the conscious, subconscious and unconscious layers. By doing the writing, I clear the feeling of fogginess aka confusion. I create space and the truth can reveal itself.
  • Becoming present. If I find it tricky to connect to my body and intuition as I’m moving through this process, I start to connect with my senses. Tuning into what I’m seeing, smelling, feeling, hearing, and tasting grounds me into the present moment which can then unlock my sixth sense, where so much of my innate wisdom lives.

  • Releasing what’s not serving me. When I notice that the signals from my body have slowed, I check in about blocks that might be present. Maybe I’m replaying an old fear or story in my mind that’s distracting me from the whispers of wisdom my body is trying to relay. If I sense this is happening, I write. I tune in and begin writing on whatever is present. This could be vary from limiting beliefs, old programming, stories, illusions, fears, etc. I set my timer for 11 minutes and I write without stopping. No editing, contemplating, just writing pen to paper. The alarm goes off, I am done and then I burn the paper. Burn baby burn. Let it go, release it!!!! I allow it to clear and move up and out of my body. I promptly move into self forgiveness and the forgiveness of others which shifts my inner experience and allows for compassion. This also, redirects the focus as I let go and open my heart to the deeper levels of connection available to me.
  • Paying attention to serendipity. Miracles happen to us all the time, but we’re often too distracted by what’s not going right to notice them. Or on our phones or social media. So, to make sure I don’t miss an opportunity to relish the beautifully serendipitous moments, which serve as affirmations that my body and intuition are indeed leading me down the path I am meant to walk, I intentionally get present, stay open, stay curious and aware. This curiosity and awareness allows me to notice and relish those wonderful moments that fuel me with courage, faith, joy and greater levels of connection.

The “cherry on top” of these practices is my nightly ritual. Every night, I go outside before bed and look up at the stars. I allow myself to connect inside, look up at the stars and the greater Universe. I put my hands on my heart and feel the pulsations of life. During this time, I engage with God and say thank you. This is a time of gratitude for my gifts, all of the blessings of the day and for my family. This is also, a nice time to ask for clarity if there is a specific area that I am seeking support with. I ask one to two specific questions, and then request that the answers be sent in a way that I can interpret - in a way that I will not miss. And then, when I wake up the next morning the answers are often waiting - I write them down before putting my feet on the ground. If I wait, the experience and answers dissipate and they are gone. I have my journey next to my bed with a pen and a flashlight. I write immediately upon awakening. I interpret later. This is where the magic is captured. Give it a whirl! See how it feels and unfolds for you.

It can be easy to get locked into the matrix or drift into the cosmos – to forget about our bodies in favor of connecting with our spirit. But, when we remember that it is all connected - that our Higher Power and Intuition often find the sensations of the body to be the easiest way to communicate with us - our lives might just experience a blissful flow of grace, joy, and trust for this radical, mysterious journey.

with great love and humility,



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