March 18, 2018


Recently, I was asked to write down various topics I wanted to explore. I was prompted to go deep into my love and express all of the areas that I want to know more about. What are the areas that I love undeniably? That sounds like a question that could go many different directions, no? Well, when I began jotting down the topics that I love and want to learn more about, there was one standout. It continues to be the one that I can't deny myself. That one is the connection between the mind and body. In my personal health journey as well as witnessing others time and time again, it is profoundly undeniable. Science has proven time and again that the mind body connection is very real. What we perceive in our mind, absolutely translates into what we experience in our body. Our day to day perceptions, connections with other people, (and with ourselves),  what we spend our time focusing on, and how we breathe ALL contribute to who we are today.  As these patterns persist, and these habits and ways of being continue, neurological pathways deepen, and we become more of what these connections elicit in our beautiful bods.

We have all been introduced to the myriad of emotions we humans have to draw from and play with. Some we regard as pleasant, or 'good' emotions, and some; not so 'good'. While all of our emotions have appropriate and significant roles in our lives, and deserve to be honored and expressed, let's take a closer look at the way the unfolding of each respective group tends to show up in our brains and bodies.

Emotions such as love, joy, compassion, equanimity, and gratitude are all higher vibrating emotions. They literally vibrate at higher frequencies than feelings of anger or despair. As we embody these emotional states, our bodies correspond chemically. Our brain is telling us that we are feeling good, and in turn releases chemicals such as oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin.  Newer research shows our heart is just as much a part of this conversation, and likewise tells our brain, ''she is feeling REEAAAALLLLY good right now, let's release some happy chemicals,'' and so it does. These chemicals are healing. They allow for the body to shift into self-repair, self-regulation, and eventually back to homeostasis, or our ideal state of being.

Similarly, when we experience emotions on the lower half of the scale, we embody feelings of anger, sadness, guilt, and fear, and  our brain and heart chemically determine that it is time to release cortisol, adrenaline, or to lower dopamine levels, etc. These shifts in the endocrine system have been shown to increase inflammation, and disrupt the harmony of our otherwise perfect, adoration-worthy bodies.

So, do we just put on a happy face and sweep our bad feelings under the rug? NO! We allow ourselves to feel what we need to feel. Honor these emotions but don't let them run the show. There is a time and place for everything. Knowing that these chemical conversations are happening inside of us; dictating the health and well-being of our bodies over time, we go to our wellness toolbox.

Yoga, breathe work, exercise, life-affirming activities (solo or with a loved one), meditation, and/or your favorite self care treatment are all effective tools to have on deck.  Incorporating these powerful techniques into your daily life are paramount in keeping the upper hand of what takes place in your body mind connection.

The simple act of breathing consciously and deeply, while thinking of something you are grateful for five minutes, changes the conversation within the body and mind. This tells yourself that you are okay, there is no need for fight, fight, or inflammation.

We become more of what we are appreciating, or ruminating on. More of how shallowly or deeply we are breathing. The more we are aware of and in tune with these connections, the more say we have in allowing what takes pace in our mind-body temples.

When life within or around us seems to speed up, or get a little more intense, we breathe deeply and fully, roll out our yoga mat, remember love, turn on your favorite mantras, hand on heart + feed on the ground and say, ''I've got this.''

I share this with you as a reminder. It is all interconnected and affects every part of our lives. Feel those feelings. Honor what's present. And choose the life you are creating. We are powerful beyond our wildest dreams. 

deep bow, 

and the Living Wholly team

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