What is your Assignment?

What is your Assignment?

September 20, 2019

Every time I go to Esalen I get a massive download. It’s amazing. I just went and the first thing I did was lie in the grass. What came to me was the topic for this post: What is your assignment? When we choose to come into this realm of humanness, there is an assignment each of us are given. Maybe our assignment is learning to love ourselves, or having compassion for others – it can be subtle, or it can be huge like Marianne Williamson running for President or Gwyneth Paltrow creating Goop. But regardless of our assignment’s “size,” it’s all meaningful and perfectly set up for you to fulfill your destiny.

When I think about my assignment, one of the first things that comes to mind is Attune. It is part of my larger assignment which is supporting the evolution of consciousness and elevating humanity. I truly believe that birthing Attune is a huge reason why I came here, and it has been one of my greatest, most challenging teachers.

Attune also makes me think of how our individual assignments often mingle with one another. For example, in some ways Attune is a piece of each presenter and attendees’ assignment. We’ll all join together at Serenbe and experience how our assignments weave together and support one another – it will be a reminder of how we’re all one. It will be a collaborative, uplifting experience for all.

With that said, what do you think your assignment is? You don’t have to answer in this moment – just start holding that question and tinkering with the answers that come. Begin calling forward an awareness of this question. Then, begin identifying and embodying your assignment.

As I continue to examine and explore my assignment, these are a few things that help.

  • Trusting that wherever I am is exactly where I need to be. I have too often gotten stuck in the sticky web of thinking I’m not doing enough or have squandered my potential. I get out of this web by reminding myself that now is always the perfect time to start on my assignment, or the next level of my assignment.

I had to remind myself of this when I worked in fashion and woke up one day realizing I had a new assignment. At the time, I had just been offered a job in New York City and my family was urging me to take. But I didn’t take it. Although, it seemingly didn’t make sense professionally or financially to turn it down, I felt a deep calling (an assignment) to move to Los Angeles and get my degree in spiritual psychology. However, my time in the fashion industry wasn’t a waste. That phase of my big-picture assignment taught me how to navigate the corporate world, collaborate, cultivate client relationships, create marketing strategies and build a brand. Everything I learned then is making a huge difference in what I’m doing now.

  • Asking the questions, then listening. As you search for your assignment, asking certain questions then staying open to the answers can make all the difference. When you’re cooking dinner, taking a yoga class, driving home from work… tune into how you feel and the thoughts swirling in your mind. Do things feel aligned? Do you feel good in your body? Are you spinning your wheels? Do you feel inspired and fulfilled? Do you feel that where you’re going ignites your soul? Dropping these questions into the well of your mind then listening to the answers can point you in the direction of your assignment.


When I asked these questions at the end of my career in the fashion industry, the answer that came to me was that I needed to course correct. As daunting as it was to listen, and take the necessary actions, my life was transformed by daring to take that assignment. A massive leap of faith that transformed my journey.

If you really want to be intentional with asking for your assignment, give yourself a few minutes of quietness before going to sleep where you say a prayer for your assignment to come to you. Immediately upon waking, write down your dreams, as clues to your assignment might live within them. Or who knows, maybe you’ll get a crystal clear download the moment your eyes open.

  • Knowing it won’t be easy and that it will take courage. There’s a misconception that following our assignments will be simple. I would lean towards the word Grace. Grace can certainly be a part of following our assignment, but the journey is often also laced with confusion and doubt. But underneath those challenging emotions and thoughts will be a knowingness that you’re on the right path. And if you think you don’t have the courage to follow that path, I’m here to tell you that you have the capacity and the tenacity to take that next step. With each step you take on that path, your courage will find its way up and out – it’s there, you just have to give yourself time and space to unearth it.

I had to summon this courage when I walked away from a six-figure salary and ALL expenses paid: those golden hand cuffs….. At that time, I was living a luxurious life that was paid for. It wasn’t easy to leave – it was a huge struggle -  but I had to do it. I had plenty of doubts as I pulled away from that money, but I kept choosing to honor my intuition. With that said, I didn’t drop all “day jobs” thinking that my assignment would immediately pay my bills. Oh no! I continued to work in retail in Los Angeles as I moved through my spiritual psychology education.  But I’m proud to say my assignment is now a big source of my financial livelihood – it just took time.

  • Taking baby steps. As I just mentioned, when your assignment comes to you, there’s no need to jump off the cliff in pursuit. You can start small. Find sources of support as you take these baby steps of faith. Set up financial buffers. As you move towards your assignment know that things will start to fall into place, but probably not all at once. Give yourself grace as you move towards that assignment.
  • Grounding. It can be easy to drift into the clouds as we follow the path to our assignment – especially in the beginning when everything is new and exciting. But to ensure we stay grounded and healthy as our new life unfolds, it’s important to set up healthy rituals like exercise, meditation, or whatever it is that gives you emotional, mental and physical clarity and stability.
  • Remembering that we’re co-creating. Each day, ask for guidance from a higher power. This will support you and keep you on the right course. In addition, find others who are also creating a life that honors their assignment, and lean on one another.
  • Being prepared to pivot. There might be times when part of your assignment doesn’t feel right. If so, don’t give up, just get creative with how you’ll keep going. To prevent the need for a pivot derailing your efforts, commit to doing at least one thing each day that moves you closer to honoring your assignment. These little actions will keep up your momentum even when you’re navigating an obstacle.  
  • Giving ourselves permission to do the work we’re meant to do. Many times, what we think we’re supposed to do was dictated by our parents or society at an early age. Sometimes that is our true calling, but often, it’s not. Know that your assignment doesn’t have to make sense to anyone else, as long as it feels right and true to you. So many legends going against the grain created many of the most profound breakthroughs and creations on this earth.
  • Being our own champion. When we first set out on our assignment, it’s common to be bombarded by self-doubt. Combat this by intentionally making positive self acknowledgment part of your daily routine. I do this by looking in the mirror every morning and saying five things that honor myself. For example, I might say…

“I am brilliant.”

“I am resourceful.”

“I am capable.”

“I am making a positive impact in the world.”

“I am resilient.”

This will rewire how you’re relating to yourself. This will pull you out of the trance of “I’m not good enough.” This will help you live at your highest potential.

As you continue to consider your assignment and take the steps to follow its calling, I hope you can join us for Attune, as it will support this process in so many ways. While I have no doubt that every speaker and teacher will share something that ignites your passion and inspires your way, you’ll likely find our MC Sahara Rose to be especially helpful, as she’ll be speaking about her new book that’s all about dharma (aka, the assignment you were sent here for.) Secure your spot at Attune. We are close to SELL OUT!!! See you there and take the next step together on this journey of our collective and individual assignments.

with great love + humility,




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