What is your Zone of Genius?

What is your Zone of Genius?

January 08, 2019

We often hear about the bliss of “being in the zone,” but for many of us, getting to that zone, or even knowing where it is, can feel like an enigma. My good friend and business coach Jeff Patterson describes the “zone of genius” as, “The unique intersection of what you love, what you do very well and what aligns with your psychological makeup.”

My zone of genius is like my north star, and led me to founding Living Wholly. Evrey single job, experience and step of my life have led me to this place. It is a culmination of my strengths, skill set and my heartfelt vision to make a radical impact on the world leaving behind a memory of service and supporting the evolution of consciousness. It is such an honor and truly a privilege to walk this path. When creating experiences for people, to elevate humanity, educate and inspire, and support people in aligning with their truths, I feel alive – in my heart, I know that I am fulfilling my Destiny and doing the work that is unique to my Soul’s blue print.

Jeff describes his zone of genius as coaching- even when it wasn’t his career. He shared how this zone of genius supports him in building wonderful relationships and helping a lot of people, while also creating opportunities he never could have planned. But most of all, he’s happy when he’s in his zone of genius.

Caley Alyssa, acclaimed yoga teacher, and expert for our Virtual Speaker Series TONIGHT spoke about her zone of genius in a recent interview, recalling how she unexpectedly fell into this zone, which consists of teaching yoga and offering marketing support. She had worked in finance, but after spontaneously taking a yoga class, and following her intuition to sign up for a yoga teacher training course, she found herself living out her destiny path.

This vibrant zone isn’t just for an enlightened few - we all have that thing that we’re good at, and we love. When we follow the breadcrumbs to our zone we’ll eventually come to a magical space where our mind opens, our heart comes alive and our spirit sings. We may have many things that we’re good at, or make us happy, but when we hone in on that zone of genius a blissful knowing awakens, informing us that we’ve aligned with our deeper calling. It’s extraordinary.

If this sounds nice, but you’re feeling a bit of panic that you do not yet know what your zone of genius is, fear not. Uncovering your zone of genius, and owning it in a humble and heartfelt way, is a journey – it’s rarely something that just lands on our doorstep. Finding this heartfelt sense of purpose often requires various layers of introspection and exploration, and for many of us, will be constantly evolving. As they say “one arrives as they take their last breath”. Your destiny is a journey of remembering and each of us are guided each step of the way, if we choose to listen.

Because I don’t just want to dangle the carrot, I’ve crafted a list of various questions that have helped me in the discovery of my zone of genius, and have supported me in reworking it when I feel it shifting. If you’re already clear about your sense of purpose, AWEsome! We’ll dive deeper into that momentarily.

For individuals that are still seeking their zone of genius, gift yourself with a pad of paper, writing utensil, and time to wander through these questions. This exercise can help you tune in, contemplate and acknowledge what you’ve already brought to the world, and get clear on your strengths. Be open and curious about what comes up – you just may stumble upon something remarkable. 

  • What’s your dream for 2019 and beyond? How can you step more fully into that?
  • What is your destiny? Why are you here?
  • What makes you feel like the most authentic version of you?
  • How do you want to serve the world? How can you make an impact?
  • What are your strengths? What have you been told you’re good at?
  • What activities make time feel as though it’s flying by?
  • What do you always want to learn more about?
  • If time and money weren’t a factor, what would you do?
  • What brings you joy? What lights you up?
  • If you could have or do anything what would it be? (Remember, your desires are there for a reason.)
  • Why do you think you were placed on this earth?

Don’t worry if some of these are hard to answer – this is just the beginning of a wonderful journey of discovery and expansion. It can be tricky to acknowledge our gifts, but often, being pushed to write down them down helps unravel the rest, eventually exposing our zone of genius. So meditate, ask the questions, trust, and follow your heart, allowing yourself to be available for what’s unfolding.

Once we’ve located our zone of genius, the next crucial component is owning it with clarity and confidence. To do this, we often have to do the work to get out of our own way – I know I’ve certainly had to do this (and am constantly working on it!) But the work is worth it, as I know on a deep soul level that my zone of genius in my destiny, and I must fulfill that destiny. And so do you. You deserve to share your unique gifts with the world and experience the pure joy and fulfillment that comes with that.

Part of the work I’ve been shown and encouraged to take a close look at lately, is how I can fully commit to showing up for myself. As I considered this, I wondered what it would look like to pause most of my work and spend a year fully immersing myself into my health. This initially seemed intriguing, but then, another voice reminded me that I’m here to follow my destiny, and part of that destiny is launching Attune (more to be shared very soon!). And honestly, I think I would keep getting pulled back to my destiny - the work that makes me come alive AND radiantly healthy (if I listen and choose wisely) – if I tried to step away. That’s what happens when we find our zone of genius, we don’t want a vacation from it, we want to drop into it as often as possible.

But with that said, it’s also important to note that being in our zone of genius can feel daunting – we often have moments of doubt about if what we’re doing will really make a difference, if it will manifest in the way we want, or if we’re actually on the right path. This is normal. On the daily, I am calling forward great levels of surrender + trust, as it’s not completely clear how it’s all going to happen - I just have to honor my deep knowing that it will all unfold in Divine order.

Meditating on the deep trust it takes to commit to our zone of genius makes me think of another reminder Jeff Patterson often offers: “Do not say you will do your best, say that you will do it - have the knowing that you will do it. Choose to do what it takes to realize this and choose to be who you must be to realize this.” And then, let go and let God. I resonate with this so deeply, especially because I’ve come to learn that spirit meets us at the point of action. Our dreams won’t just happen as we sit in bed – there’s a fine line between relaxing and acting.

So my beloved friends, our zone of genius is where we’re meant to be – it’s where spirit moves through us, and we’re inspired to take action. When we’re in this zone, creativity and motivation flows, and we don’t have to force anything. We ask for guidance, listen, take next steps and it arrives. We organically find the balance between relaxing into our zone of genius but also showing up to do the work. We trust that a higher power will show up to guide us – it’s the most humbling and intimate relationship I have ever known.

While the path to our zone of genius is not always easy and clear, it’s a journey that is profoundly worth the work, as it leads us to our destiny. And isn’t that why we chose to be here? Wishing you a year of deep connection to yourself, your gifts and this exquisite path that you’re choosing moment to moment.

With great love + humility,

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