WTF is a Health Opportunity?

WTF is a Health Opportunity?

November 26, 2018

Health Opportunities vs. Health Issues

    Language shifts our perception of life’s endless circumstances, and can often be the difference in viewing a certain circumstance as an issue, or an opportunity. I first learned this in 2012 when I was faced with my initial reproductive health opportunity – the precursor to the opportunity I’m currently working through.

    When I was told to reframe the circumstances of my health as an opportunity instead of an issue, I thought it was hokey and I resisted. I honestly thought to myself, WTF? Let me be clear, I really resisted. I did not feel like I had been given an opportunity – I was experiencing something that was shifting my entire life, and not in a way that felt good. I felt like everything was in a state of total upheaval. With everything to gain, I began to shift my language, and eventually realized the power of my words.

    To get to a place where this language shift worked, I had to take a hard look at my resistance to naming this a “health opportunity.” When I examined where my resistance was coming from - anger, resentment, and disappointment came up. I was mad that this was happening to my body and I wanted to rage – but that didn’t support my health. It was uncomfortable looking at the beliefs and stories attached to these draining emotions. But, once I did my mind finally opened to calling my circumstances a health opportunity, and actually feeling the truth in that. Feeling this truth left me more open to discover that the opportunity in my health circumstances was a call to fully commit to myself - ALL parts of me and to love each one of them.

    Now, with my second health opportunity winding its way through my life, I’m allowing myself to again engage in inquiry about what’s going on. What’s the opportunity here? There’s always something. The body holds so much information - it remembers everything on a psychosomatic level – that isn’t necessarily easy to access. Layers can get buried deep in the unconscious. But when we experience a health opportunity it can serve as a messenger, bringing up hidden information and telling us that something is out of balance.

    There are so many gifts available when we start relating to the state of our health as a messenger. It’s like a teacher within who is trying to pass us valuable wisdom; we just have to be open and willing to receive – not raging against our circumstances. And for me, it’s not even about the result – it’s not about whether or not this shift in language and perspective will actually eradicate my health circumstances – it’s about but my relationship to my body. When my relationship to my body changes, and I begin to see it as an astonishing vessel, I develop a deep appreciation for it in every moment, which in turn helps me have more presence, and a greater capacity for love with every breath. It’s pretty extraordinary.

    Of course, sadness and fear will still come up when my health is not where I’d like it to be– I often feel that – but when I’m focusing on the present moment, I discover a lovely sense of freedom and ability to step out of the sadness and fear – I get to choose how I want to be with myself. Because anything can happen on this wild ride, I don’t want to waste my moments fretting over what could be, I want to figure out how to feel empowered by my health, and all circumstances of my life. A constant recommitment to diving in, feeling the emotions and the willingness to consider positive language shifts is helping.

    And you know what? In many ways I feel stronger and more empowered now – in the midst of amble health opportunities – than I’ve ever been. I feel like I’m able to stand tall in my authentic self, own my choices, give myself permission to slow the heck down, and consciously co-create my life. I am showing up differently in every area. My relationship with my husband, my journey as a mother, my role as an entrepreneur and many more – none of it would be in its current state of vibrancy without the changes my health opportunity has offered me.

    Because of this health opportunity, and my choice to frame it as such, blessings are showing up on my path. But, beyond what I shared above, there were many additional breadcrumbs that led me to this space. When I or someone I am connected with has an imbalance/dis-ease, there are a few tools that support me to identify the possibilities….

    • Louise Hay’s book “You Can Heal Your Life.” This book is amazing. It gave me many of the tools I needed to effectively dig into what my health opportunities were trying to tell me, and I recommend it to anyone who is feeling resistance towards their health.

      I especially utilized the back of the book where she talks about correlations between specific diseases and conditions, and probable emotional causes. So, I would find my health circumstance, read the probable cause she gave, then sit with it to see if it resonated. If it didn’t resonate I would ask, “What could be the thoughts or emotions in me that created the dis-ease in my body?” I let these thoughts simmer for a while, and something will eventually come up that guides me towards an answer.  

      • Affirmations. As affirmations are all about language, they’ve done wonders in helping me shift my perspectives. This is also, part of Louise Hay’s process as you connect the dots of dis-ease. Two of my current affirmations, that I say everyday aloud is, “I easily release that which I no longer need. The other one is “I am balanced in my creative flow.”Allowing all of these words to flow through and out of my body never fails to cause a mental shift and fill me with a sense of empowerment.

        • Energy Centers. Another helpful breadcrumb is considering what energy center (or chakra) my health opportunity is in. My current health opportunity is in my second energy center - there’s a blockage and a way through the unresolved. With the second center/chakra, this relates to creativity, sexuality, finances, mother healing and more. This is my work right now and possibly the most significant healing for this lifetime. All areas I mentioned have great room for attention, love and compassion. For those who want to dive deeper into the wisdom of energy centers, I recommend the book “Anatomy of the Spirit,” by Caroline Myss.
        • Meditate on the energy center, then write about it. Once I realized what energy center my health opportunity was connected to, I would mediate on that energy center and write about what came up. It is always so freeing to allow the thoughts, emotions and blocks to be released from my body and flow, unedited, onto the page. I do this for about ten minutes every day, getting really specific about the messages that are trying to be released, and then I get to do my favorite part - burn the paper.

        • Say a prayer. A key evening ritual for me is asking a higher power for clarity. I specifically ask for clarity on what my health is trying to tell me, what the next steps are in regards to healing, and ask that the answers be sent in a way that I can remember them in my dreams. Then, I go to sleep, and something will often come up in my dreams. It’s amazing. Before my feet hit the floor the next morning, I write down everything I can remember from my dreams.
        • Active listening. I am committed to getting quiet more often because it offers such potent opportunities for insight and healing. For example, when I go on a walk in nature without my phone, and just tune into my six+ senses, everything starts to become so clear. I often notice little things that I connect with as messages/feedback/guidance, and sources of inspiration that I would have missed if I had not been actively engaging with my senses. When I don’t have time for a walk, I try to give myself the time to just sit quietly in my house for 5 to 10 minutes.
        • It is all connected. It just is. Trust me.

        Those are my breadcrumbs. What are yours? They might be similar to mine, or totally different. Just start to tune in and allow yourself to listen to the endless, profound wisdom of your body’s messengers. This process isn’t easy, but it’s life changing.

        with great humility + gratitude,

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