Zatik Naturals: When you feel good, you look good!

Zatik Naturals: When you feel good, you look good!

June 25, 2018


An integral part of the Living Wholly lifestyle is nurturing our bodies from the inside out. The beauty products that we apply to our bodies are immediately absorbed into our skin and for the next order of business, they rush directly into our bloodstreams. It is clear to us that we benefit from only putting ingredients into our systems that are clean and pure - without a drop of synthetic chemicals. Zatik offers wellness products that have been used for centuries to support whole body health. Their extracts contain the highest levels of antioxidants and certified organic. As they say at Zatik, "when you feel good, you look good." We agree 100%! Is that your experience?

That being said, we are deeply honored + excited to welcome Zatik to the Living Wholly family! These are a few of the reasons why we are so thrilled to have discovered Zatik Naturals, a body, hair, skin and wellness line that represents a delicate synthesis of deep bodily nutrition and total luxury vibes. And we are offering their most exciting products on our website, so that you can enjoy all of these treasures.

Zatik, a family-owned company, has thoughtfully crafted a line of sustainably sourced, organic products. Their process involves a high-pressure extraction from certified organic botanicals and superfoods, and each product is made in a small batch process with love and care.

Their care for the planet is clear from their ethical practices in the creation of their products - they always use non-GMO, bio-renewable and organic sources. They are also, a certified cruelty free company, print on recycled paper and print with soy inks. Their commitment to the Earth, our health and to high quality products is extraordinary. These are just a few of the reasons we are so thrilled to have their products up on our site! 

We've chosen a few products that represents everything that Zatik brings to the table plus items we think you would love to have in your regime. Check 'em out...


1. Odor Defense Roll-On Deodorant: Orange & Vetiver

Zatik Roll on Deodorant

If you're like most health-conscious individuals, you've repeatedly struggled to find an aluminum-free deodorant that actually works. That's why we're sure it will come as a huge relief that Zatik has specially formulated a roll-on deodorant that features bentonite clay, limestone, and some delicious essential oils that work together to prevent icky odors in the first place.

Bentonite clay is famed for its ability to bond to toxins and then to extract them from the system - and eliminating toxins helps get rid of odors. It's also super absorbent (in this case - absorbs sweat), and soothes redness and inflammation, so you can expect that this deodorant will leave you fresh and rash-free.

And, simply put, the presence of calcium carbonate is also highly functional in deodorants; it is a mineral that neutralizes odor and minimizes moisture.

2. Nurturing & Refreshing Shampoo + Conditioner

Zatik Neem and Bay Leaf Conditioner

This Nurturing & Refreshing shampoo/conditioner duo is especially good for delicate, dry and fine hair, and definitely brings the nourishment! 

Neem - Sanskrit for "good health" - has been long used topically for a variety of skin conditions, and for a phenomenal head of hair! Not only does it add a glossy sheen to your hair, calm down frizz and condition thoroughly, it also works on a much deeper level. Its high antioxidant content and ability to heal inflamed follicles stimulate hair growth, and when your hair grows back, it grows back even stronger.

Oh, and we really hope you never have to deal with this - but it's also been proven effective in getting rid of lice.

3. Black Seed Oil

Zatik Black Seed Oil

Along with super-nourishing skin and hair care, Zatik provides a line of unique wellness essentials that are all pure, natural and organic. 

Zatik swears by organic Egyptian Black cumin seed oil, which has been found in ancient archaeological sites. It has been used for wellness for thousands and thousands of years. Both Queen Nefertiti and Cleopatra used it to enhance their beauty.

It is full of unsaturated omega 6 and 9, which contributes to overall heart strength, and helps blood pressure levels obtain and maintain healthy levels. It is anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antihistamine, anti-ulcer, anti-bacterial and so many more.

Zatik uses an unrefined, organic, and cold pressed version of this oil for maximum benefit.

As you can see, this company is full of integrity and purpose driven. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more exceptional products from Zatik. Check out their full collection + learn more about them in our online shop

with love,

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