6 oz Gift Box Glass Candle Clove/Cardamon/Vanilla Coconut Wax w/real essential oils

Our exclusive creamy, rich coconut wax hand poured into a 7 oz glass for a 6 oz fill size. This scent has Clove for stress relief, Cardamom for relaxation, and Vanilla for calming and improving the mood. This blend smells amazing when burning and similar to a warm chai tea but better!

Did you know? Plants and essential oils have more to offer than just their lovely aromas. They carry antiseptic qualities that help keep the body and your environment pure.

Our gift box is FSC certified, recycled paper printed with vegan, plant based inks in a wind powered, solar powered, environmentally responsible facility. 

Unbleached cotton wick, clean burning candle.

Box size: 3" x 3" x 3-5/8"
Approximate burn time: 40 hours

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