Alyssa Nobriga Virtual Speaker Series Recorded Webinar

We invite you to join us as we feature Alyssa Nobriga, Leadership Coach + Licensed Marriage and Family TherapistAlyssa is the founder of Mastery for Coaches, a platform which supports entrepreneurs in growing their coaching business. She works with CEOs and senior executives and facilitates transformational mastermind groups. She’s dedicated to women’s empowerment and leads workshops and retreats around the world centered on mindfulness and conscious living.

The topic for this recorded webinar is "Getting Unstuck: Transform Obstacles + Shift out of Limitation." This is an Inside Out Approach to Change. This 75 minute recorded webinar will support you in using the obstacles that are in your way, as stepping-stones to help you build your mastery towards your next level.
What if the very thing you want to get rid of is actually the stepping-stone that will get you closer to what you truly desire? What if the obstacle you see is not really happening to you but rather is happening for you? How would you approach it differently?
We all face obstacles in our lives, especially as we move outside our comfort zones. When we find ways to work with these blocks, rather than against them, we can receive what they are here to teach us. In this way, we shift out of limitation by aligning all parts of ourselves and we discover what’s possible in our lives as a result. Change your relationship with the blocks and the blocks change.
How we choose to relate to the obstacles that show up, not only dramatically impacts our experience but also how gracefully and efficiently we reach our goals.

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