Lena Franklin Virtual Speaker Series Recorded Webinar

We invite you to join us as we feature the presence + wisdom of Lena Franklin.

The topic for this recorded webinar is "Igniting the Healer Within". This 75 minute recorded webinar will support you in gaining tools for mindful healing of our inner traumas, as well as tools for how to navigate through daily life in a state of graceful, loving presence.

There’s a radiant inner healer that we all possess. Beyond the 60 - 80 thousand thoughts we have a day exists a spaciousness, an inner sanctuary of presence, purpose and passion. As we begin to journey inward, cultivating a loving, compassionate relationship with our essence, our limitless nature as human beings emerges. The path to liberation from human suffering is presence. Through the power of our presence, we can begin to align our heart’s deepest intentions with external action ~ healing ourselves from the inside out as we become the masters of our own reality.

Join Lena Franklin, Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapist, International Spiritual Teacher to learn wisdom at the convergence of Buddhist Psychology, Energy Medicine and Spiritual Healing to ignite that healer within YOU. Your authentic power is boundless and it all exists within.

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