Nikki Sharp Virtual Speaker Series Recorded Webinar

We invite you to watch the recording of our Virtual Speaker Series featuring our expert Nikki Sharp: Wellness Coach, Yoga Teacher, Vegan-Trained Chef, Best Selling Author, and Social Media Expert.

After years of working as an international model, Nikki started to realize that she was tired of always wanting to be "skinny" and started pursuing her new desire - health. Through her work as a health coach and wellness blogger, Nikki's mission is to spread the knowledge of healthy living for the mind, body and soul. From international model to Wellness Expert, Nikki grew her online presence exponentially in the three years since she started her company. Nikki believes in having a transparent brand and is adamant about sharing events, products and places that she truly believes in.

Nikki will focus on the question, what IS health? She will cover why food and exercise are not actually the best things to focus on when it comes to getting healthy. She will elaborate on the food you eat and how it has nothing to do with the food you eat. The truth is, it is all about emotions - things we are not willing to deal with. As of late, Nikki is supporting a lot of people to overcome addictions of food, alcohol, cigarettes and other coping mechanisms. The things we do are subconscious behaviors of how we believe ourselves to be. This is going to be juicy and one you want to tune into!!!

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