Oregon Sacred Sage

Wild-harvested with love in the Pacific Northwest wonderland. Purify and realign with this cleansing blend of sacred sage, calming lavender, and detoxifying stinging nettle. Close your eyes and breathe in deeply - your daily ceremony is here.

2oz loose leaf tea (makes approx. 25 cups) |  No Caffeine

Organic Ingredients: Wild Harvested Organic Sage, Wild Harvested Organic Lavender, Organic Stinging Nettle

White Sage: Native to the West Coast of North America, white sage is known to purify. When consumed, it’s been found to increase focus and support memory retention.

Lavender: Used commonly in aromatherapy, lavender supports relaxation, restful sleep. Its calming aroma connects with the nervous system and acts as an anti-anxiety and anti-depressant.

Stinging Nettle: Used for hundreds of years as an herbal healing remedy, Stinging Nettle is commonly used to treat urinary tract infections, detoxify the liver, and treat painful joints and muscles.

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