Sukhdev + Akah Virtual Speaker Series Recorded Webinar

We invite you to join us as we feature the wisdom of Sukhdev and Akah Jackson.

The topic for this recorded webinar is "Resolving Ancestral Karma". TThis 75 minute recorded webinar will support you in gaining tools for clearing away the stuff from our family lineages that weigh heavy upon us, whether we are aware of it or not. 

Sukhdev + Akahdahmah passionately share a joint vision to express freedom, unity, peace, and love through their work with sacred music, quantum healing and Kundalini Yoga. This husband and wife duo, Aykanna, performs and teaches internationally in Central America, Europe, and throughout the US. Their critically-acclaimed albums include "Livelight", “Mother”, "Mantra Mala” and “Seeds of Love”. Their new album Song & Spirit is due out in May 2019.

As we all navigate this human journey, there is ancestral karma to resolve and heal. We will dive into this important work and support you to receive clarity on next steps and begin to feel freedom from the bondage. This is going to be powerful. Join us for this 75 minute virtual workshop.

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